Summer Car Maintenance Tips

Driving is something that’s scared me for a long time. I’ve put it off for years, letting my nerves completely get the best of me. 

However, this year, I’m beating my fears. I’m going to start driving again and I’ve even booked my first lesson (wish me luck!) 

I’ve been having a look at a few cars online (because it’s never too early to do a bit of research!), but I’ve also been reading a little bit about car maintenance, especially for the summer months. 
summer car maintenance tips
Here are a few tips and tricks to help keep your car in the best possible shape for summer that I’ve learnt along the way.

Maintain your air conditioning 

Let’s start with the basics. As summer starts to draw in and the days are getting hotter, the one thing you need to ensure that’s working is the air conditioning! You really don’t want to be stuck in traffic on a boiling hot day when your air conditioning isn’t working. Therefore, you might want to get your air con looked at to check everything is in working order! 

Check your tyres 

There’s nothing worse than heading off for a summer staycation to realise that your tyres aren’t in the greatest shape. Tyre punctures are the most common cause of a summer breakdown, with the heat often agitating already damaged tyres and making the situation worse. 

Tyre pressure can also change when temperature’s rise, it is, therefore, important to monitor them every week ensure that they’re in the best shape. 

If you think you might be in need of some new tyres then you can order tyres in Leven from Fife Autocentre. 

Check your coolant and radiator 

Cars are designed to run pretty hot, however, overheating is still a huge cause of breakdowns and engine damage in the summer. Your engine coolant needs to be at the recommended level and failure to check this could help you end up with a fine, as well as a damaged car! It is recommended that you check both the coolant level regularly to ensure your summer holidays go smoothly. 

Clean your battery 

Batteries can go through a lot of pain in the winter and dead batteries are also fairly common. However, the summer months might be just as bad. Your battery might be damaged from the winter or the summer heat can speed up the chemical reaction inside a battery, causing the battery to be overcharged, reducing its battery life. Make sure your battery is in full working order with a battery test!

Check your brakes

There’s nothing more important than your safety and making sure your breaks are working properly. This isn’t even a summer maintenance tip, this is a year round tip! If you notice any problems with your brakes, then it’s best to get it checked or repaired immediately. Check your brake pads, discs and brake fluid levels before you head off on your travels.

Wherever you’re off to on this summer, you don’t want to be caught out! 

Are you off anywhere nice this summer?

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