Why It's Okay to Not Love Blogging All the time

I feel the blogging world has seriously upped its game the last few years. 

Blogs have become more luxurious than ever and taking the world of blogging to a whole new level. They have a glossy magazine feel to them more than anything else. 

For a long time, I've felt like my blog just can't compete with the new generation of blogs. I love writing and I love being creative, however, I simply don't love blogging all the time for several reasons. I compare myself. I set myself unrealistic goals. I sometimes spend so much time fretting about my blog and social media, that I stop finding it fun. 

My point is that I love blogging, I genuinely do. I wouldn't do it if I didn't. It's as simple as that. But, it's also perfectly okay to not love it all the time. 

I know for myself and maybe for many others, there's a certain amount of guilt that comes with being inactive. If I haven't posted for a week, I start to feel guilty and annoyed at myself for being lazy. If my Instagram hasn't been updated in 2 weeks, I start to get a little stressed at my ever decreasing followers and the inability to keep a steady following. Blogging is important to me and I want to make my blog the best it can be. 

When you see people absolutely killing it in the industry and continuously working extensively to make their blog the best it can be, it's easy to get disheartened and comparing. I'm no fool, I know that people work extremely hard, people aren't just lucky in this industry, it takes hard work and determination to make it. 

But, I don't necessarily want to 'make it', I just compare myself to those who have. That's my downfall. 

As much as we wouldn't all like to compare ourselves, it's difficult to not to, in any given situation. I can't help that my blog feels inadequate amongst the sea of talented, beautiful and lovely bloggers. 

However, as much as I love blogging and I'm always trying to strive to be the best I can be, sometimes I don't love it. Some days I want to do something else without the nagging in the back of my mind,  telling me I really should be putting up a post. 

This is my post to tell myself to stop feeling guilty. 

You don't have to love blogging all the time and it's perfectly acceptable to take a step back. 

So next time I feel myself feeling guilty or comparing, I need to remember there's so much more to life than what Vera's doing with her blog or where she's off to on her jollys. 

Blogging is fun. If one day it's not feeling fun, then maybe that's the day to do something else, even just for a little while. 

So, if you're ever feeling down about your blog or you've fallen out of love with blogging (even if it's just for an hour) then maybe, you should do something else instead and here's why:

You need to have time to yourself

Run yourself a bath, read that book you've been meaning to for ages, be creative, pamper yourself (face mask, new nails or even a bit of tanning!), snuggle down and watch reruns of your favourite TV show. The list is endless. Whatever makes you feel relaxed, just do that. 

Fresh mind, fresh perspective, fresh ideas 

Taking a step back can help you reevaluate what you want from your blog. Do you want to talk about different topics? What do you like about blogging? What's putting you off it? Maybe you love writing, but you hate having to think about statistics, SEO and all that jazz. That's fine. Taking a break can help you realise what you want from your blog and hopefully, you'll come back more motivated and inspired more than ever before. 

Remember why you love it 

The great thing about taking a step back and maybe, doing something else for a while, it makes you miss it. When I'm not feeling like blogging, I simply don't. Taking that time out, makes me miss it and so eager to start blogging again. I remember why I love blogging. 

Being outdoors can spark inspiration 

When I'm feeling down or stressed out about something, my quick cure is taking the dog for a walk. There's something about being outside that just makes me feel better. It relaxes me. Dog walking is the time where I think about most of my content. I put my headphones in and my mind wanders, thinking about new blog ideas, new photograph ideas and new content. It sparks inspiration for me, but it also completely relaxes me. It might do the same for you! It's also a great way to get some photographs together for any blog posts you might create. 

Saying yes to new experiences 

Okay, so maybe not everyone, but I've been known to turn things down as I have posts that I need to get up. But, when I don't feel like blogging, forcing myself to blog is the worse thing to do. Saying yes to new experiences is good for you! It takes you out of your comfort zone, build confidence and helps you create new memories. If you're stuck in a routine, it might not feel very inspiring, a new experience might just be the key to help you get you out of that rut. 

What do you do when you fall out of love with blogging?

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