Tips and Tricks To Avoid A Holiday Disaster

We've all been there. We've all got a holiday horror story that we can't help but mention whenever the topic of holiday disasters comes up (I'll probably talk about mine later on in this post).  Whether it be missing luggage, delayed flights or having to put in holiday sickness claims once you've returned home, every Tom, Dick and Harry can tell you a holiday horror story.

Here are a few tips and tricks to a avoid a holiday disaster this year. 

Do your research before you go

One of my top pieces of advice would be to research the area thoroughly before you go. I know we all probably check out the local restaurants and things to do in the area near your hotel, but it's a good idea to check the things you might need in an emergency.

For example, do you know where the nearest pharmacy or doctors are? Have you got the numbers for the local taxi ranks? These little bits of research will only take a few minutes but could be vital once you're away and need assistance.

When I visit new places, we always spend a lot of time wasting time. For example, on our holiday to Majorca last year, we walked almost an hour in the wrong direction to find the beach. We were less than 5 minutes away, but we got lost at 3 o'clock at the hottest possible point of the day, sunburnt and yes, I was a little moody. Anyway, my point is it doesn't hurt to a little bit of research on the local area so you can make the most of what you have at your fingertips!

Read up on common scams and crimes in the area 

I know this one sounds like a right downer, but I do this before every holiday now after a pretty bad experience when we went to Paris a few years ago.  Basically, we got scammed. We got harassed by a big group of men to buy some bracelets, one of them tried to get into my bag and my boyfriend gave them 20 euros to go away. It was a regular scam, but as we have never been to Paris before so we didn't know about it.

If we had done a quick google beforehand, we probably would have known about it. That's why it makes sense to see what scams and crimes there are in the area you're visiting so you can keep a watch out for anything suspicious.

Make sure you never leave on your holidays without insurance.

Sometimes things happen. Sometimes flights are delayed or your hand luggage goes missing, it's out of your hands and it can be very annoying. The one thing that you can do to ensure that you have your insurance documents handy.

Don't carry around expensive gadgets or large amounts of cash

I think this one goes without saying, but unfortunately, tourists can be vulnerable to theft. It's known that tourists are going to have a lot of cash on them and a few gadgets, so their possible targets. Only carry around the cash you need for the day or the evening and leave everything else in the safe of your hotel. And gadgets? Just carry around with you what you need.

Split the important items across luggage

If your suitcases were to go missing or you loose your handbag, then you'll still have everything you need. For example, if you take medication, it would be a good idea to split it up your medication into different bags, maybe put some in your suitcase, some in your hand luggage and I like to put some of mine in my purse for emergencies! It would be a good idea to do this with your money and also photocopy your bookings!

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