How To Wear The Embroidery Trend

There's something about the embroidery trend I am completed obsessed with.

Granted, it might be last season, but I'm not ready to say goodbye and frankly, I don't really care. I like what I like and what I really like is embroidery.

Debenhams Floral Sandals - £29
Is there a more perfect Summer sandal? Actually, I'm not even interested in waiting for summer for this shoe, I'd quite like it now. There's something delicate and beautiful about these shoes.

ASOS Midi Velvet Dress - £22
Simple and classy, this velvet midi dress by ASOS, is truly gorgeous. You'll notice a huge theme when we go through this list of flowers. I love embroidered flowers and think they way they are displayed on this dress is really cute and original. 

Topshop Bra - £24
Is it possible to fall in love with a bra? I think I just did, sorry guys. This is such a delicate and gorgeous piece. I can't get over how pretty it is.  It's a reasonable price too and I definitely think I'll snap it up after pay day! 

Fashion World Blue Striped Shirt - £30
Finally, a little bit of colour in this wish list. I feel like this striped shirt would be perfect for Spring, with a light leather jacket and some ankle boots. Again, I love the delicate embroidery as well as the baggy shirt style, which makes it easy to style!

Boohoo Midi Shirt Dress - £22
I think this might be my favourite item in the wish list and unsurprisingly, it's black. So original. 

Rosaline Triangle Bra - £16
Again, another gorgeous and delicate piece. The details are simply beautiful and you could only feel good wearing a bra like this. It's actually from Accessorize and I can honestly say, I had no idea they did underwear! This is gorgeous and I can only imagine it be snapped up soon. 

Very Skinny Jeans - £20 
I definitely fell in love with these jeans a bit when I first saw them. The denim colour is gorgeous and I love the embroidery detail. It's quite a subtle design and now overbearing in the slightest.

Rare London Black Skinny Jeans -£32
I've been searching for some jeans like these ones for everrrr. The flowers, the colours, and the size are just perfect. Into my basket, you go...

Denim Skirt - £71
A gorgeous but simple denim skirt. The daisy embroidery is slightly different to all the other picks here (it's a different flower guys...) I also think the shape and style of this skirt are really flattering and it would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe for Spring/Summer.

Debenhams High Sandals - £35
Debenhams are killing it with the embroidery shoes! Granted, these are pretty much a high version of the other sandals that are the featured here, but let's just go with. You can't have too many shoes for your holidays and these would be a perfect night time addition to a holiday wardrobe.

Boohoo Poppy Blouse - £20
How gorgeous is this shirt?! I absolutely love the style of it. It's quite loose in style and I'm a big fan of the high neck. The pattern is so different and intricate, that makes it a bit of a showstopper.

Boohoo Denim Jacket - £40
Will I ever have the guts to wear this? Probably not, but a girl can dream. The back detail is completely unique, with so much gorgeous detail in it! I especially love the little tassels. I have no idea how, when and where I could ever wear this myself as I don't think I could pull it off, I still kinda love it though.

Boohoo T-Shirt Dress - £12
This is such a bargain! A simple, but sophisticated t-shirt dress with some really nice detail on it. This would be so easy to style.

SkinnyDip Bag - £32
I love Skinnydip and this bag is just another reason to love them more. It's a simple denim bag with an arrangement of patches. It does remind me of my bags I had when I was 13/14 where I just used to stick any random patches I could find onto my bag. It does bring back memories and it does give me a sense of nostalgia.

Topshop Denim Jacket - £65
Okay, well this is bloody beautiful. I'm a huge fan of denim jackets, but there's something about this that I am obsessed with.

Marks and Spencers T-shirt - £19.50
Marks and Spencers are always a brand I overlook, but you can find some many amazing pieces there. I know what you're thinking, black and floral again Sam? Well, yes. I love wearing black and I love floral embroidery. There's not a lot of versatility here.

Missguided Dress - £30
Sorry, black and flowers again. I love the style of this dress, it's really unique and different. I haven't seen another dress which displays the embroidery like this. Of course, I don't have the figure to wear this one, but I can admire from afar.

ASOS Shirt Dress - £38
I love love love the style of this shirt. Everything about it screams me. The baggy style, the cold shoulders and the embroidery slogan on the back 'No Hard Feelings'.

Floral Cap - £16
Although I don't think I'd be able to pull this up, I'd love nothing more than to be able to. I couldn't help but it includes it in this wish list, as it's so pretty and the detail is lovely!

Wolf and Badger Gift Box - £36
This is for anyone who fancies doing it yourself. I really like this patches, you get eleven in total and they're all adorable.

What do you think of the embroidery trend?

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