Home Dying My Lashes & Brows with the ColorSport 30 Day Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint

With my dark brown eyebrows and black eyelashes, dying them had never even crossed my mind before. 

But then, I read about the benefits. Dying my eyebrows could make them look more defined and glossy and dying my lashes could help give them that little lift and extra definition. I was definitely intrigued by the kits and how the ColorSport Kits could help my eyebrows and eyelashes. 
I used the ColorSport Eyelash and Eyebrow tint kits. They're small compact kits with everything you need inside them, ready to transform your eyelashes or eyebrows. 

Let's start with the eyebrows; The ColorSport 30 Day Eyebrow Tint 

The ColorSport 30 Dye Eyebrow Tint is a semi-permanent dye, with enough dye inside for up to 16 applications, therefore you get plenty of use out of this product. The kit itself are really easy and simple to use. As someone who has never dyed their lashes or eyebrows before, I was a little bit nervous about trying them for the first time, but like I said, the kit made things easy. 
The instructions were simple and explained each step perfectly, nothing was over-complicated. There were only a few steps to using this dye. The first being the prep of your brows, removing any makeup that might currently be on your brows to ensure they're clean to work with. Once that's done, you have to ensure your skin is protected from the dye (we don't want to dye your skin)  

Then it's time to mix the dye with the two ingredients provided within the kit. Lather the dye onto your brows and leave on for a few minutes, then remove with a cotton pad. 

The whole process was completed within around 5 minutes.s 

So what were the results? As you can see from the before photos, my brows were quite dark to begin with. Rather than dye my brows, using the kit I wanted to fill in the gaps naturally and make my brows more defined and glossy. I can confidently say the kit achieved that. 
Now, on to The ColorSport 30 Day Mascara Eyelash Kit. This kit was possibly my favourite of the two. 

Again, I have naturally dark lashes, therefore I didn't particularly need it for the dye purposes. However, the Eyelash kit had some amazing other benefits that I felt my lashes needed. 

For example, not only does the kit transform the colour of your lashes, but it also gives your lashes lift and definition without needing to apply mascara. This kit would work particularly well if you were going abroad and you'd be enjoying yourself by the beach or pool. There wouldn't be a need to wear mascara as the kit aims to give you dark, defined lashes with a bit of volume. It's also waterproof too, so no getting out the pool was mascara fetchingly running down your face. 
The ColorSport 20 Day Eyelash Kit is again, very simple to use, with only a few steps to undertake to complete the dying process. The kit is less about mixing dye together, but applying the eyelash colour solution and the eyelash colour gel to your lashes separately, leaving them on for a few minutes before washing them off. It took less than 5 minutes from start to finish to dye my lashes. 

Overall, I was so happy with how my lashes looked afterwards. It's a subtle difference, but I've noticed my lashes looking defined and curled on a day to day basis. As you can see from the photo which was taken after dying,  my lashes obviously have more volume, look longer and defined. I'm really happy with the outcome of this kit.

You can get up to 12 applications in the ColorSport 30 Day Mascara Kit, therefore it's definitely a worth-while investment. 
Have you used home dye kits before? 

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