Decorating Your Home Office

I've been working from home since January. Working in offices my entire life until that time, it was weird to set myself my own working routine.

One of the ways that I get myself motivated and in a routine for the working day is by sitting at my desk. As I'm living at my boyfriend's family home, I don't have a home office and I work in the bedroom on my dressing table/desk. I'd love to have a home office sometime in the future and I do love to dream about it and how I would decorate it, but I'm happy with my little space for now!

Anyway, I'm constantly dreaming of my future office and although I don't have that now,  I can still decorate my little desk area that I've got at the moment and dream. Here's a small wish list I put together. 

Without sounding like a blogger cliche, I do like white. I do like hints of copper and I do like hints of pastel. A few of my favourite items from this little wish list is the rabbit lamp, the 'you've got this notepad' and the turquoise office chair. I think it's so important to ensure you have a comfy chair with good back support as there is nothing worse than spending a full day staring at your computer then gaining an achy back from it all. 

Office health and safety is something that was really drove into me when I was working for someone else. Some health and safety rules and regulations can sound a little bit daft, but  they can help and it's something I forget when I'm home, sitting in the most uncomfortable positions at home (If you ever wanted to learn more about home office health and safety then Sheilds nebosh training providers can help you). 

I can't wait to start decorating my own home office. Putting together this wish list has given me so much inspiration and ideas that I can't wait to have a play around with. 

How would you decorate your home office?

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