100 Blog Ideas For When You're Blogging on a Budget

Blogging doesn't have to be an expensive hobby. I know as much as anyone it can be tempting to buy the latest beauty releases and purchase an entirely new spring wardrobe for blog posts, but it doesn't have to be that way.

I've been making an effort the last few months to stop buying as much shit and spend less money. Therefore, I'm blogging on a budget. If you're a student, currently job searching or simply like me, just want to save more money, then here are some blog ideas when blogging on a budget!


1. The one (foundation/mascara/concealer...etc) you couldn't live without
2. Your everyday makeup routine
3. Shop your stash
4. Your Winter/Summer Nail Collection
5. Beauty wish list
6. Beauty trends you're loving
7. Nail art using varnishes you already own
8.  An evening makeup look
9.  A daytime makeup look
10. Your favourite Winter/Summer lipsticks
11.  What makeup means to you
12.  Beauty things you're bad at i.e. contouring, skin care routine...
13. Your holiday makeup bag
14. Your travel makeup bag
15. Your best makeup tips and tricks
16. Your skincare routine
17. Dressing table tour
18. Makeup looks from when you were younger / embarrassing makeup looks from your teenage years.
19. Morning/night time beauty routine
20. How much is your face worth? (Makeup costs).
21. Highstreet vs High-end (compare products and dupes)
22. Your perfume picks
23. Celebrity inspired makeup looks
24. Best budget makeup item (do you have something that's amazing for its price?)
25. Quick and easy hair tutorials.


1. Casual everyday outfits
2. Wardrobe essentials (striped tee, a good pair of jeans...)
3. How to style (a white shirt, patterned trousers...)
4. Your go-to handbag
5. Talk us through your jewellery collection. Anything special or with lots of memories?
6. What you would wear for... (a job interview, university, traveling...)
7. Your shoe collection
8. Wish lists (you could theme these i.e. Denim wish list, summer dress wish list...)
9. Celebrity inspired outfit looks
10. A story about an outfit (where did you wear this, why is the day so special to you?
11. Your favourite places to shop
12. How to save money when shopping online
13. Outfit under £5/£10 (charity shopping)
14. 10 trends you love this season
15. Your favourite accessories
16. Style and self-confidence (this is so broad, but you could touch on personal experiences, how you become confident with your personal style).
17. Your sunglasses collection
18. What you pack for your holidays (this could be anywhere, a few days away in a European city, a weekend in the Lake District or two weeks away in the South of France).
19. DIY fashion item
20. Style one item, three ways.
21. Wardrobe clear out
23. Your favourite fashion era
24.  How/why you started fashion blogging
25.  How to find a good spot for a fashion shoot


1. What blogging means to you
2. Capture a weekend (whatever you're doing).
3. A life catch up
4. Things you are loving recently (books, bands, tv shows...)
5. Why you started blogging
6. Your 5 favourite TV shows of all time
7. Your favourite phone apps
8. Your university experience (why you decided not go to uni)
9.  How you relax in the evening
10. Talk about social media and the impact it has on your life
11. Friendships you've made through blogging
12. A personal experience you think would help others.
13. Confidence (ways to build it, body confidence...)
14. Any podcasts you listen to you could recommend?
15. Write down your blogging goals for 2017 (or by month).
16. What have you learned through blogging? Any tips and tricks you could share?
17. Do you have tattoos? Talk through them, share the stories behind them (if you want to)
18. What hobbies do you have apart from blogging?
19. Have a strong view on what's going on in the world recently? (Trump?) Share it!
20. Introduce us to your pet!
21. Show us your favourite recipe.
22. Share a craft project.
23. How you met your other half
24. What do you want to achieve this year?
25. A room tour


1. Show us around your city
2. Talk about your favourite ever holiday - show photos!
3. Where would you go if money was no object?
4. How to travel on a budget
5. How to spend a weekend in.... (where have you visited recently? It could be your home time or anywhere in the world).
6. Your best travel tips and tricks
7. The best travel apps
8.  Your guide to... (New York, Tokyo, Paris..)
9. What have you learned through traveling?
10. Write a festival guide


1. Currently reading
2. Your favourte book of all time
3. Has a book shaped you in any way? Or really impacted your outlook on life? Tell us about it.
4, Top 5 (thriller, romance, YA...) books
5. Talk about your favourite author and why they mean so much to you.
6. Book recommendations for certain genres
7. Compare the book to the film. (What did you like? What didn't quite work).
8. Books to watch out for. What's being released in 2017 you really can't wait for?
9. Are you writing a book? Tell us how it's going...
10. Best blogging books (Blogging books you love, books that are good blog props, books by bloggers/vloggers...).

Share the love

1. Bloggers/vloggers you love
2. Blog posts that have caught your eye recently
3. Tell us how you support other bloggers
4. Instagrams you're obsessed with
5. Smaller bloggers/vloggers that need more love

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