10 Blog Tasks To Do When You Have 5 Minutes To Spare

Sometimes blogging is a 'when I have the time' kind of gig. Because of that, some blog tasks which I need to do are sometimes forgotten about or pushed to the sidelines. 

However, I'm trying to get into the habit, that when I have a few minutes spare and I don't have time to write a full blog post, I'll do a few of the things listed below, which I know I need to do, but I really can't be arsed. Hopefully this blog post will be somewhat helpful to you! I know I need to do some of these things below more often, not only for SEO purposes, but to help grow my blog and make it the best I can be. 

1. Delete broken links

This is probably my least favourite job to do, but if I have 5 minutes spare, it's the first one I do, for the simple fact that I want to get it out the way. It's boring, but it needs to be done for SEO purposes. For those who are unsure about broken links, you can use this broken link checker, which will let you know which links on your blog are 'dead', meaning they no longer go anywhere. Broken links are bad for SEO, so it's a good idea to run through and check them when you have a little bit of time spare!

2. Reply to comments

I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty terrible at this. When I say pretty terrible, I mean I hardly every do it. I have good intentions, I really do, but I forget most of the time. Sometimes I'm unsure how to reply to comments and decide to come back later, then I just forget. 

In 2017, I'm trying to make a conscience effort to try and reply to all my comments and I think it's a great little blog task to do if you've got 5 minutes to spare.

3. Name your images

This is another quite boring task for me. When it comes to your blog and SEO, naming your images is one of the basics. It's great for SEO, but it's something that I very regularly forget to do.

If you've got 5 minutes to spare, it's a good idea to name your images to help boost your SEO and online presence. When people land on my blog through the images, they're normally product images, therefore this is where I would start. Naming photo's with beauty products in to increase the click-through rate. For example, my Kate Moss Lipstick review receives hits every single day through the images being high on google image search. It's handy for me as it increases my blog hits and it's a task that only takes a few minutes. Even if you only name a few images a day, you'll soon be able to work through some of your most recent posts.

4. Add in some keywords

For some of your posts, you might want to ensure that your posts are completely optimised. What I mean by this is ensuring that your posts are google-friendly with keywords that people might search on google on a day-to-day basis. Adding a few keywords into your posts will help your posts become more visible on google and it could be a great thing for your traffic. This keyword explorer is handy to see what popular keywords people are searching for that might be a good idea to include in your posts. 

5. Sort out your emails

With a few minutes to spare, it makes sense to reply to a few emails that you've been meaning to reply to, update PR's regarding samples or posts going live, delete irrelavant emails and move emails into your junk inbox. It doesn't take long to sort out your inbox, but a clear, simple email account does make things easier. I like to put mine in folders, so I can easily find emails to reply to or find email addresses. 

6. Update old posts

Once you've hit publish on an old post, it can easy to forget about it entierely. I know I do. But, it can be a good idea to update a few of them now and again. A few examples are, if you have posts that regularly get google hits or you're promoting them, make sure that all the outbound links are working (especially if they're affliate), if you've recently changed your text font for your wole blog, make sure old posts font have also changed and if you feel like re-taking photo's as your quality has improved over time, then that might be a good idea too! 

7. Plan blog content

If I have a few minutes to spare and I don't fancy writing anything, planning blog content is what I do next. Let your imagination run wild and write down everything that could potentially make it as blog posts. Get brainstorming! Write everything down and when you're struggling for blog ideas, you'll have a list, ready and waiting to use. 

8. Comment on other blogs

Bloglovin has recently added a handy little comment feature, which might make this easier. But, if you have five minutes to spare, you should think about commenting on a few blogs you follow. It's great to support fellow bloggers by leaving nice and thoughtful comments, but not only that, it's great for SEO purposes to help build up your backlinks and help your blog be found by other bloggers. 

9. Update your media kit/stats

Eughh, I am rubbish at this one. I'm not overly bothered about keeping up to date with this one, as I'm not completely number orintated. But, if you work with a lot of brands, it might be a good idea every few weeks to take five miniutes to ensure all of your stats are up-to-date. If you track your stats on an excel sheet, it can be tricky to catch up if you get out of sync, so it might be best to update them when you have the chance. 

10. Ensure all your pages are up to date

Again, a really simple quick job, but one that I'm pretty bad at. 

I regularly forget to update my About Me page, but it's something that can be pretty important. Location can be quite an important thing on your blog, especially if you're interested in attending blog events, therefore if you move, make sure that that your location has been updated on your blog. After I moved from Nottingham to Manchester, it took me a few months until I changed my location which is not helpful!

If you change your social media handles, make sure your blog refelcts this change to.

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Hopefully this long and rambly post will be helpful to you! What do you do when you have 5 minutes to spare?