Things I Simply Couldn't Live Without

Imagine this. By some incredible chance, you're stranded on a desert island. It's remote and you're on your own, what would you miss? The normal answers spring to mind, I'd miss my loved ones, I'd miss electricity and I'd miss my pets and I'd also miss wine, cheesy chips and of course, social media.

There are many home comforts that we take advantage of daily as we don't always realise how lucky we are to have them in our lives. We only realise how lucky we are when they're no longer at our fingertips. Gas, electricity and hot water are things we depend on a ridiculous amount and I'm not afraid to say, I don't know if I could actually cope without them or become self-sufficient. I'd definitely miss them if I were to live without them off grid, I'd be more than a little hopeless.  (But, if you ever find yourself living off grid and you simply cannot live with those three things, you might want to consider lpg from Flogas)
Aside from the obvious few (family, friends, electricity...etc), what would I miss?
  1. Social media
    Not a second goes by where I'm not checking my phone for updates. If I'm watching an amazing TV show (Sherlock/Taboo) I'll go on twitter immediately after to see what everyone else thinks. I'll take my phone with me to the kitchen when I'm just making myself a cup of tea and I'll even take my phone to the shower and leave it in eyes view just to see if I get any notifications. I am completely and utterly addicted to my phone and all things blogging/social media. I am a great procrastinator and I do it best when I'm on social media. Excuse me whilst I go and check twitter...
  2. My bed
    I like to sleep. I like to sleep a lot. I like to get comfortable in my bed, wrap myself up in my thick quilt, put on a film that I'm not the slightest bit bothered about watching and have a nap. My boyfriend for Christmas bought me a huge, baggy jumper that just said 'nap queen' on, so you kinda get where I'm coming from here. I'd, of course, miss my bed. Being without it is not the world I would like to live in...
  3. Junk food
    Living remotely would mean no local takeaways I could ring to bring me delicious, greasy food. I'd miss junk food, 100%. I'd definitely miss my cheesy chips.
  4. Conversations
    One of my worst fears in life is being lonely. The thought of being by myself with no other humans close by sounds terrifying to me. It sounds awfully lonely and I'd miss having conversations with people. As much as I complain about random people starting conversations with me on buses or trains, I wouldn't want to go through life without them. I'd miss having a chat and a joke. I'd miss laughing.
  5. Netflix
    Netflix has been with me through thick and thin. It's always there for me when I've needed it the most. It helps me when I'm bored and the thought of sitting on a desert island or living remotely all day with nothing to do, I'm really going to miss Netflix to keep my company. 
#IWouldMiss, now what would you miss?

*Collaborative post