50 Blog Prop Ideas for Your Photographs

If you ask anyone why they follow a blog, photography will be mentioned. Bright, beautiful photography is what draws someone in and makes them fall in love with your blog.

Photography is what I'm weakest at. I know this and I've known since I started blogging that I don't have a natural flair for photography and editing, it's not a skill that comes naturally to me. With that being said, it's my aim to keep improving and experimenting with photography and one of my blog goals for January is to start changing and playing with around my blog backgrounds. 

As I was writing down blog prop ideas in my diary, I thought my list of blog prop ideas might be as useful for you as they are to me.

1. Candles
2. Flowers
3. Magazines
4. Books
5. Perfume
6. Jewellery dish 
7. Ring holder
8. Prints
9. Rings
10. Nail Varnish
11. Makeup items (especially those with gorgeous packages). 
12. Cup of tea/coffee
13. Blankets
14. Cacti
15. Beads
16. Eyelash curlers 
17. Pencils/pens
18. Glasses
19. Diary /Notebooks 
20. Your phone 
21. Sweets/Chocolate (great around Easter time!).
22. A scarf 
23. Paperclips
24. Makeup brushes 
25. Makeup bag
26. Flower petals 
27. Hairbrush
28. A jumper 
29. Hair slides 
30. Hair straighteners 
31. Ornaments 
32. Sequins 
33. Bows 
34. A vase 
35. Beauty blender
36. Photographs and/or frames 
37. Confetti 
38. Laptop
39. Plants/leaves 
40. Fairy lights 
41. Handbag
42. A small basket
43. Cushions
44. Your camera
45. Bed sheets
46. Coloured Paper
47. Cupcakes
48. Tealight holder
49. Your purse
50. A rug

Here are a few examples...

What 'blog props' do you use for your photographs?