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A few weeks ago, I happily attended my second blog event at Lush; the Lush Arndale Beauty School. Lush in Manchester Arndale has recently launched their Beauty School parties and a whole load of bloggers from the Manchester area were invited along to have a taster session of what is involved in the beauty school and learn more about the products they have to offer. 

We were quickly split into three groups to experience all the activities that Lush had planned. Our group's first stop was the hair station. I'll be the first to admit I haven't experimented with Lush products other than bath products, therefore I was really interested in finding out more.

We were firstly shown and given some information about their Henna hair dye, which again, is something I know absolutely nothing about. It's an organic, natural hair dye that can help boost your hair's natural colour or depending on your hair colour of choice, it can add some subtle shades of red, brown or black

After the henna demonstration, it was time for the hair tutorial. Using the Lush knot wraps, we were shown how to style and create a vintage-inspired look. I would honestly say that I would love to try this myself if I could, but I failed miserably at using the knot-wrap for the look, so I'll probably give that one a miss!
I love the final look and I was really intrigued by a lot of the Lush styling products that were used. The Lush Sea Spray really caught my eye to help create the textured, slightly wavy and volumised look.
The next stop was the makeup station! The hair was completed and the makeup was the next part of the look. The Lush staff member demonstrated a full face makeup look from start to finish. 

Lush makeup was another thing that I honestly had no clue about. I hadn't bought any makeup from Lush before or did I even browse the makeup section, however, I was really blown away with the items that they had to offer. Including the eye jewels, which are amazingly pigmented, triangle shaped eyeshadows and the 'Feeling Younger' Highlighter, which is beautiful and glowy.
The activity at Lush Beauty School that I was the most excited for was the product making section. The lovely Alex would be talking us through how to make two products, the Butterbear bath bomb and the Cupcake face mask. 

We started off with the Butterbear Bath Bomb, one of my favourite products that Lush has to offer. When Alex was talking through Butterbear, he explained the history of the Colombian Peace Community of San Jose which is where the Fairtrade cocoa butter in the Butterbear comes from. You can find out all about the Colombian Peace Community that Lush constantly works with on their website, but it's such a heartbreaking story. With each Butterbear that is sold, all the profits go back into the Peace Community. 
After we made a Butterbear for everyone in the group, it was time to make the Cupcake Face Mask. With a vast amount of ingredients, we got to work mixing them all together in a bowl to create the right consistency. The Cupcake face masks are packed with ingredients to help oily skin including, rhassoul mud and cocoa powder to cleanse and clear impurities. 

Oh my days, this smelt delicious. It was honestly good enough to eat. Although this mask is aimed at those with more oily skin, I did find it did wonders for my dry skin and after using this, my skin never felt more hydrated.  
I had such a wonderful time at the Lush Beauty Event. It was lovely to finally have the chance to meet some more Manchester bloggers and it was a great event to do so!

So thank you to the Lush staff and organisers of this event! I don't believe there's a shop out there that has as passionate, lovely and helpful staff that Lush do. I definitely think that's what makes Lush so special.

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