Little Things Lately #18 | It's almost Christmas...

I've been enjoying evening dog walks. Our little puppy George has finally had all the jabs he needs to go outside. He was very nervous when we first took him out, but he's slowly getting more confident and he is now more than happy to greet other dogs and their owners. 

I took this picture on an early evening walk on Sunday. The sun was setting and I couldn't help but take a few photographs. I also tried to take one of George sitting calmly by the lake, but he'd much rather try and chase the swans, so there you go.
We put up our Christmas decorations. If I had it my way, our Christmas decorations would have been up for the last few weeks, but I live with a boy who's very much against putting Christmas decorations up before December. Hopefully, we can change that next year. 

We popped along to a near by garden centre to pick up a few extra decorations. As we all know how beautifully decorated garden centres are around Christmas, they definitely get me in the Christmas spirit.
I am loving this Christmas drinks this year.  I normally have no interest in the Christmas themed drinks that the coffee shops have to offer, but for some strange reason, I've got a little bit obsessed with trying out all the different flavours. Starbucks are currently winning for me. 

Have you got your Christmas decorations up yet? 

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