Creating a Cosy Bedroom This Winter

When it comes to DIY, I’m more than a little hopeless. 

I’d love to be a complete and utter independent girl boss who needs no help whats so ever to fix up the bedroom, but in reality, I’m clumsy, I’m weak and I can’t read instructions for the life of me.

My boyfriend actually banned me from the bedroom after just 15 minutes as I stood in wet paint, didn’t realise and then trampled it around the room. Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen come at me.

I moved into a city centre flat in Manchester about 1 year ago this month. I loved it. We ate out an awful lot, watched lots of films at the cinema thanks to Meerkat Movies and just enjoyed all the things that we had on our doorstep. As much as I loved it, our savings account didn’t. After losing my job and realising we were unable to save a single thing towards our wedding and mortgage, it was time to go back to the parent's house.

I moved in with my boyfriends family and I tried to cram my whole city centre flat into a bedroom. It was cluttered and it wasn’t cosy. I really wanted to do a big sort out, freshen up the walls with a lick of paint and add a nice desk area where I could blog and make jewellery to my heart's content.
Flicking through Pinterest and pinning like crazy, as much as I loved the white, bright bedrooms I realised that it might not work in our little space. The most important thing to me was that the room was cosy, so rather than 4 white walls, we added a warm grey into the mix. It finished the room off beautifully and it made the white decorations around the room really pop, including our white B&Q shelving and my ornaments. I opted for a grey, copper and pink theme in the end, with hints of white. Although I would love it to be completely done, it’s a work in process and I’m just waiting for a few final touches until it's complete. 

My favourite of the items I picked up for our bedroom was a Next Grey Rabbit Cushion (which I can't seem to find anywhere online) I couldn’t resist the cuteness of this and how well it would work in the room. Along with the cushion, I picked up a pink vase similar to this one, which is proudly holding some (fake) flowers on the mantelpiece. Finally, I picked up a few home furnishings from Primark including a white, fluffy blanket and a copper candle. The room improvements also finally let me showcase these amazing Beyoncé prints that my best friend made for me back December.

Here are a few ways to create a cosy, winter bedroom: 

1. Candles. Candles are the way to my heart and they can easily transform a room into a cosy little hideaway. 

2. Home furnishings. I've got a silly amount of pillows for a standard double bed, but there's something about decorating your bed with cushions that immediately adds comfort.

3. Low lighting. I really dislike having the 'big light' on. Mine's so bright that it has a hospital room feel to it. We have lamps on in our bedroom most of the time and it definitely makes it feel cosier. 

4. Fairy lights. Is there really anything else that can transform your room so beautifully? The power of fairy lights is incredible and they can make your bedroom seem much more inviting.

I'm now much happier with our little space. It can be difficult moving in with a partners family and it's so important where you live you feel comfortable and it feels like home. 
Although all our room decorating and DIY went smoothly, thanks to the boyfriend, of course, I am a pretty clueless DIY-er with little to no knowledge of the dangers. It seems like 48% of the population are kind of like me, unconcerned and oblivious about the dangers of DIY. 

However, it's important to be cautious. Being cautious before taking on a new DIY project can prevent long-term health risks such as mesothelioma which is a type of cancer caused by asbestos. So be aware and if you have any concerns about asbestos in your home, it's best to talk to a professional who knows their stuff and of course, if you feel you have been exposed, they are people who can guide you through mesothelioma compensation.

Here's some DIY information you might find useful before your next big project!

What's your favourite way to create a cosy bedroom this winter?

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