10 Things Only People Who Work in an Office Will Understand

I've worked in an office since I graduated. 

As soon as I finished university I started office temping to get some experience on me CV. Therefore, it's fair to say I've worked in quite a few offices and although the location and the sectors have all been different, a few things will never change. In almost every single office job I've come across it's the same characters, the same office politics and even the furniture at work is pretty much identical.

Here are some things only people who work in an office will understand.... 

1. If you make a brew, make sure you offer everyone else one too. If you don't, that's just plain rude. 

2. They'll be that one person who will never make the drinks. They’ll accept a cup of tea whenever one is going, but the sad truth is that you’ll never get a tea made for you in return and we are British so we’ll probably not even say a single thing about it.

3.You're either that person that is always hot or you're always cold. The heating will be increased then decreased more times than you can count, resulting in a passive-aggressive heating wars. 

4. Trying to be healthy in the office? You should probably forget about that right now. With a constant stream of chocolates, cakes and biscuits appearing in the office kitchen because hey, why not, it’s going to be difficult to keep that diet on track. Know one will notice if you take a few more chocolate digestives…

5. The 3pm slump. No amount of coffee or walks around the office can stop your tired eyes. There should really be a designated napping room in this office…

6. You'll become lazy and email the person next to you instead of talking to them. What else are emails for?! 

7. You'll obsess over lunch. Who knew you would turn into that person who needs to grab their lunch as soon as the clock hits 12pm?!

8. You have your phone voice perfected. 'Good morning, how can I help you today?' 

9. You'll develop food envy. Your homemade healthy salad doesn't look that appealing now you can smell that someone's bought fish and chips in the office 

10. You'll realise the importance of a good office chair after years of bad ones. You spend more time sitting on your office chair than anywhere else. Therefore, a good office chair is more important than you probably realise

A bad office chair can cause the obvious side effects, achy back, neck pain and bad posture, however aside from physical problems a bad chair can cause other problems too, such as an increased lack of motivation and it can also lead to unhappiness. 

So what makes a good chair and why is it so important? 

For one, you need support. You're expected to be sitting on a chair for 7+ hours a day with a high quantity of work, you need a chair that is practical, supportive and comfortable. One that you feel happy enough to sit for long periods of time and concentrating on the work task at hand. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to your office chair

1. Adjust it! Chairs come in all shapes and sizes, therefore you need to make sure your chair is unique to you. Adjust it to make sure it's the right height and the back is comfortable enough for a day of working. 

2. How old is your chair? If you don't know the answer, then it's probably too old. You should be checking your chair every 6 months to ensure it's still in good working condition if there are any problems, it's probably time to replace it. 

Can you relate to any of these? 

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