6 Ways To Get the Most Out of Your Beauty Sleep

When it comes to our skin, we constantly strive for perfection. The list of products that are recommended for our skin to keep it feeling and looking good is as long as my arm. Not to mention there are a constant stream of new and innovative beauty products being released daily that we're told we NEED in our lives. 

It’s difficult to see where we stand when it comes to skin care and begs the questions, how should I really be taking care of my skin? Could less be more?

If there’s one beauty recommendation that I’ll very happily accept and abide by it's to make sure I get enough sleep. I mean the phrase ‘I need to get my beauty sleep’ has to come from somewhere right?! All we need is comfy, adjustable beds, some plumped up pillows and a good night's rest to help our skin feel fresher than ever. 
How can a good night's sleep benefit you? 

There are plenty beauty benefits of a good night's sleep, maybe even more than you first realise. It can help boost your complexion, keep your hair feeling healthy and strong, give you fewer wrinkles and it helps reduce the appearance of puffy eyes, as well as much more... 

So, how do you get the most out of your beauty sleep?

1. Change your pillowcases often. 
This is something I didn't even realise affected my skin. Although it's a known fact you should be changing your bedding regularly including your pillowcases, it's suggested you change your pillowcases twice a week and flip them over the days you are not changing them.  This is because bacteria on the pillows can irritate your skin whilst you sleep. 

2. Anti-aging products are your best friends.
Overnight skin cells regenerate and rejuvenate whilst you sleep, so to enhance the benefits of this, dermatologists suggest applying products with anti-aging ingredients such as glycerol acid. The products will sink into your skin overnight resulting fresh, glowing skin when you wake up. 

3. Don't drink, eat for hydration 
Downing lots of water just before bedtime can disrupt your nighttime routine (with all those trips to the toilet!) however, eating for hydration won't. Ensure you have plenty of veggies for your dinner and these will slowly release hydration whilst you sleep. 

4. Keep makeup remover close by
It's so easy to forget to remove your makeup before bed and I'm sure there are times when you're feeling lazy and a little bit drunk and the last thing you want to do is remove your makeup, but it's for the best! Honest. Keep it on your bedside table as a reminder, it will be best for skin in the long run.

5. Sleep on your back 
This may be difficult one as I know I constantly toss and turn throughout the night, but sleeping on your back is great for your skin. The repeated pressure of sleeping on your front with your face pressed on the pillow can cause creasing to your skin and eventually wrinkles.

6. Wear your hair up
Contrary to popular belief, wearing your hair up is better for you when you sleep, however, don't tie it too tight, a loose bun will do. Tying your hair up means it will be out of your face whilst you sleep and the natural oils in your hair won't rub on your face and cause problems to your complexion.

How do you get the most out of your beauty sleep? 

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