Little Things Lately #16 | Meet George and Wedding Fairs

This is George, or Gorgeous George or alternatively, Prince George as I like to call him. He's a black Labrador and he's currently 8 weeks old. He's mischievous, playful and a very sleepy pup! He likes to steal my slippers and bite people's shoes and socks whilst they're still on their feet. He gets too excited about his toys and he never knows which to play with first so tries to run around with around 3 in his mouth. He doesn't like the hoover or understand how to get outside yet, but he likes to curl up on your knee and nod off, so that cuteness kinda makes up for it.  

Apologies for the photo's, he doesn't sit still long enough to take a good, clear one! 
I attended my first wedding fair. As some of you may know already, I got engaged in December. However, as we're both saving for a house first, the wedding is not our first priority at the moment. As a fun, girly day out with a few friends and mums, we decided to have a nosey around the North-West wedding fair to get a few ideas.  I quickly realised that I didn't like much. I didn't like any of the dresses or venues but I did like the prosecco bar. 

All in all, the North-West wedding fair is great for planning a wedding, even if you're like me and picking the things that you don't like. It's a great place to begin when planning a wedding!

How has your week been?

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