The Best Autumn Lipsticks

This post hardly seems relevant at the moment as we still seem to be experiencing Summer weather way into September. Wearing dresses with no tights seems so wrong this time of year and as much as I'm wishing Autumn to make its appearance, it's still reluctant to in Manchester. 

I love lipstick. I can't leave the house without wearing something on my lips and berry is my go to. You will see as I go through my favourite lipsticks, there really isn't much variety, I like berry shades and I like them a lot. Berry is such a perfect for shade for Autumn and I couldn't help but feature a few in my list. 
Rimmel - Kate Moss 107
Okay, let's get this one out the way first off. I don't want to rave about this lipstick too much as I'm sure you've heard so many positive reviews about this lipstick before, however, this is my most repurchased lipstick of all time. I am obsessed. Not only is the colour gorgeous, but the formula is one of the best out of all my lipsticks.  It's silky, pigmented and it has amazing longevity. There are so many positives about this lipstick which mean it's a firm favourite a mine and the deep berry colour means it's a perfect Autumn colour too.

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick - Possessed Plum
This is a new favourite for me. If you read my latest beauty haul, you'll see I purchased this when I couldn't find the ever so popular NYX liquid lipsticks, however, I am so pleased with this alternative! It is slightly wetter in the application, however, it soon dries for a soft matte finish.

It's a very similar to 107 in colour as it is a beautiful deep berry shade. However, the application is slightly different. In terms of application, I am enjoying the liquid lipsticks a lot more recently, therefore I couldn't help but feature this shade as a perfect Autumn lipstick. 

MAC - Sin
I've already written an individual review of MAC's Sin as I completely and utterly fell in love with the colour when I first purchased it. It's a bold, deep colour and maybe more so than the photo shows. It's easily the darkest lipstick I own which means I very rarely wear in the day time and save it for 'special occasions'. 

I'd say it verges on dark purple more than anything else, but the boldness of it makes it perfect for Autumn/Winter. At first, I was unsure of the matte texture and I found it slightly drying however as time has gone on, I've come accustomed to it and I've made sure my lips are prepped as much as I can before I use it. It's a dream. The longevity and pigmentation are amazing and it's more than perfect for the colder months.

Left to right: Possessed Plum, Sin, Keep It Classy, 107, Dubai. 

Maybelline Colour Drama - Keep It Classy
So I may have more than likely also featured this in my Summer lipsticks but, I love this lipstick and I love it all year round. It's a transitional lipstick. Again, it's a berry shade and again, it's matte although I do find it has a slightly shinier finish than various other of my matte lipsticks shown here.

This is another lipstick that I've repurchased several times. It's easy to apply and I'm able to apply it easily and with precision without using a lip pencil. For £4.99 it's an affordable and reliable product, that doesn't lack in quality or pigmentation because of its price. The formula simply glides on and it is an absolute pleasure to use 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - Dubai
This is my newest purchase and it's a good one! I didn't understand everyone's obsession with the NYX liquid lipsticks beforehand, but I promise you I get it now. To start with, the colour is gorgeous, it's a deep, bold brown shade. Although this is slightly different to the rest of the shades on here, there's something about this colour that I am completely drawn to and I think it's perfect for Autumn/Winter months, 

The formula is iconic. It doesn't dry out your lips in the slightest and it's quite moisturising. It's easy to apply and it settles into a soft matte finish once it dries. You can't get better for the price and I completely understand why there is such hype around these little beauties at the moment!

What is your favourite Autumn lipstick? 

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