My Relationship with Makeup

It's easy to explain why I love makeup, but sometimes hard for people to understand. When I wear makeup, I feel more like me. When I went through a breakup last year, I tried to keep busy but I stopped caring or I couldn't be bothered to wear makeup and my mum said to me 'you've got to keep your routines or you'll get even more down' and I think she was right. 
Just before we went out one day, I had been crying and I made a remark that I couldn't be arsed to put makeup on, just because I wasn't feeling myself. She forced me into it, into a routine and told me to not stop the things that were normal to me. For example, putting a hint of makeup on before I went to work like I did every day.

Sure, it's perfectly fine if I'm feeling lazy or I want to give my skin a break from makeup to leave it, but I never wanted to stop wearing makeup because I was feeling down or crying. 

I can live without makeup, but I don't want to. I love trying out new products and mixing up my makeup for the occasion, it's enjoyable and therapeutic to me. Makeup gives me confidence also, but it's not a mask I hide behind. I like to think as it more of war makeup. 

Say I have a job interview or a meeting, putting makeup up calms me down, gets me prepared and  essentially confident for whatever is ahead of me. Those moments of covering my lashes in mascara or slowly doing a catflick mentally prepares me for what I'm getting ready for. It's therapeutic and relaxing. But, that's obviously not the only reason I love it. 

I love how it can change the way you are feeling with a swipe of a matte liquid lipstick. Makeup does not define me, but it excites me. 

Just because I like makeup doesn't mean I'm vain. It doesn't mean I fancy myself or think I'm better than other people. I like makeup simply means I like makeup. Sometimes I wear too much for a nip down the shops, sometimes I wear hardly anything for an evening out, sometimes I wear makeup that I love, but it doesn't suit me. But that's the joy of it. 

I remember when I was younger and it was 'tarty' to wear too much makeup. I honestly don't what the definition is of 'too much' because I'm sure my perception might be different to yours. However, I remember being younger probably in my late teens and myself and my friend were told by some random girls older than us, 'that we proper fancied ourselves' just because of the makeup we were wearing. 

I enjoy makeup and sometimes I get it wrong, but I promise you, that has nothing to do with anyone else. 

Sometimes my bronzer isn't blended as well as it should be, my eyebrows are a little too dark or my lipstick has slightly bled. But that's okay, it's just makeup. It can't be perfect all the time and people are in no position to judge you on their perception of how makeup should be worn. 

I love makeup because it makes me feel happy. When I'm unhappy or down, applying makeup and an exceptionally bold lippy can give me a huge confidence boost. 

The one makeup item I force myself to wear if I'm feeling unhappy is a bold lipstick. Deep purples, browns or a berry shade (normally the latter, Kate Moss 107 come at me). It's my thing. It's the one makeup item that makes me feel like me again. That's why I urge myself to wear it when I might not always feel like it. 

It seems very superficial to talk about makeup in a way like this, but I'm not a superficial person, I simply just like makeup, it helps me feel like me.

Does anyone else feel like this about makeup?

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