How Blogging Has Helped Me

I had no idea how long I was blogging until someone asked me the other day. When I worked it out, I realised it was 3 years to this month that Samantha Jayne has been alive. I can honestly say that I love blogging and I've never been so motivated and inspired than I have been recently. There're so many things I love about blogging, from the opportunities to the people, but aside from that, I've realised that blogging has done so much for me in terms of self-confidence, career wise and in everyday life. 

I can't even tell you how much my confidence has grown since I started blogging. I can't say it's all down to blogging, but I know a huge chunk of the social aspect is. I am and probably always will be an introvert, but before blogging, I was painfully shy and very unconfident in social situations. 

However, being a part of the blogging community forces you start conversations first and talk to people you don't know and that has done the world of good for me. Whether that be in twitter chats or meeting people at blogging events it takes you out of your comfort and helps you in everyday life. 

I can honestly say that my confidence has grown in all parts of my life due to blogging. The social aspect has had a knock-on effect and I can easily say that I'm much more confident in myself than I was three years ago.

It took me out of my comfort zone
I touched on this lightly in my first point, however blogging takes you out of your comfort zone. It puts you in a situation that you might never necessarily put yourself in. 

I can't remember the last time I walked into a room where I didn't know a single person, however, that is exactly what happened the other week when I went to my first blogging event. I'm not afraid to tell you that I was nervous. However normal these nerves are in this situation, you can't help but second guess yourself and feel unconfident.

There have been a few blogging events I've been invited to and I've been able to go to, however, I've turned down because the nerves took over. However, I've come to realise that these nerves are good nerves and they're there because you are doing something you might not always do. You're out of your comfort zone. 

I've always played it safe. The same pub with friends, same clothes and style, same food at a restaurant, but sometimes safe is boring. I like boring most of the time, but there comes a time when you need to see what else is out there and do something that is different to your normal routine.

Blogging has taken me out of my comfort zone in so many ways. For example working with brands on sponsored posts and product reviews, attending my first blog event, starting conversations with people I don't know and teaching myself coding and SEO. Blogging is such a rewarding and fun hobby and I am going to completely throw myself into it from now on, no matter what it might throw at me.
Being a yes girl.
I've started saying yes to more things. 

Not only did I attend my first ever blogging event the other week, but I say yes to normal, everyday things that I might have avoided like the plague. The simplest of things such as seeing friends on a day I didn't feel like it, I'd say no to. I missed out on so many things growing up as I used to say no to a lot of social opportunities. 

Due to my new found confidence, I say yes to a lot more things. I say yes to things that I would normally avoid and it feels great.

My career
If you had mentioned the words self-hosting, analytics, SEO or backlinks a few years ago, there couldn't have been a more confused look on my face. They are all these phrases and words I've learnt about that I can honestly say I had no idea about before blogging.

I'm proud to say that I have taken time out to teach myself about these things. Not just reading definitions, but how to improve in these aspects and strategise to ensure that my blog is improving. It's fair to say I'm not going to be an expert in every aspect, but knowing the basics is definitely useful for yourself and your blog.

It shows that you are a self-starter and you are willing to take the time out to educate yourself more on technical terms. It also shows that if you are unsure of something, you aren't afraid of not knowing and will find the answer yourself with the resources in front of you. When I was interviewed for a job in digital marketing, I had no degree in that area or any previous experience. All I had was my blog and what I had taught myself. They wanted experience and my (small) knowledge of SEO, backlinks and Google Analytics that I picked up myself was enough for them to get the job.

If you are interested in a job in digital marketing, then I couldn't recommend reading up enough. It helped me get a job I really enjoyed, granted I'm not there anymore, but it was a foot in the door and I'm so grateful my blog got my there.

Pinterest is a gold mine for this kind of thing. I use it often when new terms pop up as it's so easy to find lots of helpful posts to help you understand them.

How has blogging helped you? 

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