Essential Items All University Freshers Need

It's an exciting time of the year for many young people around the country. They'll soon be packing up their room and heading to university halls, where they'll be known for the rest of the year as 'freshers'. 

It's been 5 years to this week that I headed off to study Criminology in a city far away from my hometown of Nottingham. Being in a city that was unfamiliar, it was important that my room was 'homely' and comforting to be in. It can be hard decorating your student room when there are limited changes and alterations that you can make to it. But, thankfully, Tiger has so many budget-friendly, gorgeous homeware items that can spruce up your university room. 

Okay, so let's take it back to the basics. Before you start thinking about your room, it's time to think about stationery, lectures and note-taking.

Tiger has a whole range of pretty stationery to fit your every need. A notebook is a good place to start and this Blue Snake Look A5 Notepad (£2.00) is pretty perfect for all your university needs. It's sleek. elegant and a great size to pop into your university bag. For your desk essentials, Tiger has an Office Set (£2.00), with small versions of all the stationery you might need. It's handy and takes up very little space on your desk or in your luggage and it includes sticky labels! Sticky labels are like gold at university, so you better stock up and stock up quick!

If there's one university room essential that I couldn't live without, it's some fairy lights. I must have had around three pairs of lights around my dorm room. It can completely and instantly transform your room, helping it feel cosy and more homely with little effort. The Light Chain (£6) will certainly brighten your room up and they can easily be hung around the frame of your bed, draped on your shelves or around your pin board. If there's one item I would recommend bringing with you, it's some fairy lights! 

You'll also want to decorate your room to fit your personality, therefore why not add a few frames like the Fruit Photo Frame (£2) or the Strawberry Wall Clock (£4.00), both fromTiger to help decorate your room. 
 Other things to consider:

Are you heading off to university this year? 

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*This post was written in collaboration with Tiger, 

however, all views are honest and my own.