Skincare 101 featuring MONU Skincare

Right guys and gals, it's time to talk about skin care. 

I know, I know, some days we don't feel like it. Maybe we've had a long day and just want to curl up in bed or alternatively an early morning and waking up that little bit earlier to take care of your skin is not a priority. 

However, it's important. Whatever your skin type may be, you wear your skin every day, therefore why wouldn't you want to look after it? 

Up until a few years ago I was clueless (thank you beauty blogging) and as time has gone on I've found products that have been detrimental to my skin and products that have done wonders. I'm about to show you some wonders as I talk you through the skincare basics. 

Say hello to MONUskin.

Monu Skin Care
Based in Cheltenham, MONUSkin is all about championing natural skin care as they aim to create, unique gentle and naturally pure beauty products. Even better yet, they're completely against animal testing. 

When MONUSkin got in touch asking about testing some products, they completely tailored the products to suit my skin. After Bronwyn emailed asking about my skin type and problem areas I may have their Skin Care Educator suggested a couple of products to balance out my complexion. 

The Gentle Cream Cleanser 
The Active Toner 
The Micro Exfoliant 

Monu Skin Care
So let's start with the toner.  Primarily, for nourishing and hydrating the MONUskin Active toner has a range of benefits. With a natural blend of Petitgrain, Neroli Essential Oil and Distilled Witch Hazel, the toner aims not only refresh the skin, but aims tighten pores, balance my complexion and removing any excess oil. 

With a host of ingredients aimed at helping combination skin, the product was guaranteed to work like a charm for my dry skin. My problem area being my T-zone, the oils in the toner got to work on them, as they treated and conditioned the problematic area. Two weeks in using this toner, my dry skin was considerably reduced. 

The toner comes in a spray bottle and all I do is spray a little bit onto the cotton pad and wipe across my whole face - quick and easy. What I also like about this Toner is that soaks up every last bit of makeup. It's an extra cleansing step and ensures my skin is completely free of makeup or dirt and leaves it feeling soft and hydrated. 

So should you be using a toner in your skin care routine? The answer is a huge yes. 
Monu Skin Care
The MONUskin Gentle Cleanser is ideal for dry or sensitive skin. The MONUskin cleanser aims to remove makeup, dead skin cells and oils to help unclog your pores and prevent skin problems. 

Once again, chosen to help my dry skin and balance my complexion, the gentle cleanser calms and soothes, whilst restoring moisture for a balanced complexion. The MONUskin Gentle Cleanser contains a range of ingredients for maximum benefit: 

Rose Essential Oil for treating sensitive skin. 
Geranium Essential Oil for its floral fragrance, balancing effect on emotions and insect repellent. 
Aloe Vera for its moisturising effect and natural sun filter.
Coconut Oil for nourishing and combating dehydration. 

The cleanser itself is a thick and creamy consistency and I simply dampen my face with water, massage the cleanser into my face and neck and remove with a cotton pad. It effortlessly removes my makeup with a gentle sweep around the face and neck. The one thing I liked about this product, apart from the hydrated and smoothness it gave my skin, was the small amount I needed to effectively cleanse it. 

Paired with the toner, my skin feels fresh. The dryness has cleared considerably and my skin is feeling softer than ever. 
Monu Skin Care
Finally, we have MONUskin Micro Exfoliant. Let's face it, we all want a radiant glow and this exfoliator is what is going to help you get it with its aim to buff away dead skin cells and cleanse your skin for an instant glow. 

Once again, the MONUskin Micro Exfoliant includes natural ingredients for the best possible results. These include Diatomatious Earth, Papaya Enzymes and Shea Butter. Not only does this exfoliator help your skin feel smoother and look more radiant, one of the things I like about this product is its desire to refine skin texture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores. It's always nice to have a multi-use product that combats anti-aging too!

The scrub itself is very gentle as the granules are quite small. However, this is perfect for me as I have sensitive skin, the exfoliate doesn't irritate it, but rather smooths it out. It is so refreshing to use and I've loved seeing and feeling the results. 
Monu Skin Care
All three of the products have the same scent, floral, but not overbearing. The scent is pleasant, but it doesn't take over the products and rather lets the natural ingredients speak for themselves. 

I'm so glad I have had the chance to switch up my skincare routine with these three products as I am over the moon with the results. My skin feels fresh, smooth and hydrated.

Have you tried any MONUskin products before? 

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*These items were sent to me in exchange for a review,however all views are honest and my own.