Little Things Lately #14

I caught up with old friends and ate delicious food. Having one of my closest friends come to visit me in Manchester and him being a proper foodie like me, it was only fair that I took him to the best places I could think of to eat in central Manchester. First stop, it was Federal where I scoffed down, poached eggs, halloumi and mushrooms, which I can honestly say are my three favourite foods. There was a lot of other fancy stuff thrown on top and it was delicious! 

We timed our tea. After I noticed a sweet tea shop tucked away next to Manchester cathedral, I had been desperate to go for weeks. The time finally came and there were so many teas to choose from. I went for a strong peppermint, which came with a timer, allowing me to choose the strength that I wanted it. I also went for a chocolate and raspberry tart, because who doesn't love tea and cake!
We went on an adventure. Yesterday we had the most gorgeous weather, therefore we couldn't help but stop for lunch and a cocktail along the canal. Once our stomachs were full with fish finger sandwiches and cocktails we went on a really long walk and just enjoyed a rare summer day!

How has your week been? 

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