5 Bloggers to Follow on Snapchat

Through the recent introduction of Instagram Stories, this post may be well and truly irrelevant to you. However, I still have a love for snapchat and it's still kind of the most popular of the two, especially for me, so I thought I'd share with you a few of the bloggers that I absolutely love to follow on there... 

Victoria - In The Frow
Victoria is just goals. Makeup goals, travel goals, life goals, the goal list could go on and on. However, as glamorous her life looks through her snapchat, she still remains a lovely and down to earth girl. Her snapchats are full of her travels, which yes, it makes me extremely jealous, I'm not going to even deny it. I get serious wanderlust looking through her snaps as she jets off to luxurious places. She also includes opening her PR box, which let's be honest, we all like having a little nosy at as well as showing lots of makeup items and her general day to day activities. What I like about her snaps is that she's honest, honest about how much works and time it takes to be the blogger she is.

Follow Victoria for dreamy holidays, behind the scenes and makeup.

Username: inthefrow

Corrie - Dizzy brunette
I've been a follower of Corrie for a long time as a blogger and youtuber. She's a genuine, hilarious girl and I love seeing when her snapchat story has been updated. You can expect behind the scenes snaps of filming/blogging and photos of her adorable dog Frank. Her snaps are always very entertaining and I don't like to throw the word around a lot, but she's also very relatable!

Follow Corrie for adorable dog snaps, behind the scenes and general chit chats. 

Username: dizzybrunette3

Em Shel
Em is another one of the first blogs I followed. I've been a lover of her blog for many years for various reasons and that's why I decided to follow her on snapchat too! Em's lifestyle is crazy busy, but the girl works damn hard for it and that shows how much she enjoys blogging and her career. Her snaps show all areas of life including exciting trips, blogger/youtube events, delicious food and general behind the scenes. She is honestly one of my favourites to follow and it's so nice to see snippets of her everyday life.

Follow Em for exciting events, holidays and generally blogging/youtube-ness.

Username: Emshel

Hannah Michalak
Hannah Michalak, is one-third of my favourite family on the internet, the Michalak's. I have been following this family for a long time on youtube and alongside their dreamy, well produced weekly vlogs they upload, Hannah also uploads daily videos and  photos on to snapchat. I love the Michalaks, they're honest and they give no impression that parenting and working from home is easy. The snaps are filled with cute home videos of Grayson, days out and just general daily snaps.

Follow Hannah for adorable family videos, blogger friends and everyday life.

Username: hannahmichalak

Kate La Vie
Kate La Vie (former known as Ghost Parties) is someone's blog I've been following for many years, in fact, she might even be the ever first blog I followed. It's only recently I've started following her on snapchat and watching her youtube videos. I had no idea how hilarious she was until I started following her on snapchat. Her snapchats are full of lust-worthy interiors and I can't even explain how gorgeous her flat is, it's serious goals. She also snaps her travels, her cute cat Mouse and yummy food.

Follow Kate for lush interiors, her cat Mouse and gorgeous food.

Username: kate.lavie

Who is your favourite blogger to follow on snapchat? 

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