Why It's Okay To Not Go To Your University Graduation

 When people ask me about how my university graduation was, I normally lie.

Along with quite a few others, I didn't attend my graduation. Although I initially chose to attend, as my graduation date closed in on me, I decided that I didn't want to go and swiftly cancelled my place and sent my tickets back to the university for someone else to have. 

I graduated 2 years ago and as I see the recent graduates posting photos and status' about how they graduated, it makes me feel strange. 

I chose not to go for personal reasons. Without going into much into it, my nerves got the best off me and I couldn't think of anything worse than going on stage in front of all those people. So yeah, I decided not to go. 

Some time after, I regretted this decision, thinking 'I'm never going to experience this amazing moment again and have that 'official' graduation photo for my family'. If I had more of the confidence I have now, then I probably would have attended, but what's the point of regrets? It's done and dusted. We all move on. 

When people ask me about my graduation, I don't tell the whole truth. If it's someone I don't really know who are asking in politeness, I'd probably just tell them I went, it was a long, boring day. It's easier than them asking why. 

When those who are a little bit closer ask me, I just say to them I didn't want to go, that I'd rather do something fun to celebrate instead. I turn it into a positive and display the 'I don't really care' attitude, but that isn't really me. 

As the date closed in and I was telling people close to me and around me that I wouldn't be attending graduation, I started to get a lot of questions and a certain amount of pressure to go. As if I would be missing out my entire life if I didn't attend my graduation. 

I completely understand from a family perspective that they want to experience the day with me, but it wasn't for me. And that's okay. I can easily say that not going to my graduation made not the slightest bit of difference to my life. My degree still counts, I can still apply for graduate jobs and I still got my certificate (in the post I might add). 

If you don't want to go to your graduation, then that's great. If you do want to go, that's great too. Just do what you want to do, without the pressure and without the questions.  
So yeah, I didn't go. After my graduation date, people were still asking about my graduation and when you tell people, it's kind of a disappointment for them to hear that you didn't attend. Still to this day, the 'why didn't you attend' question makes me feel uncomfortable. 

I still have a degree. I still graduated. I still am extremely proud of myself and so is my family and friends. 

My graduation day was spent with my close family at the zoo and eating at a nice restaurant in the evening. It was a lovely day. It was my graduation day. 

I didn't have an 'official 'photo in my graduation gown on the wall, but I do have a picture with a big glass of bubbly. 

So yeah, I'll take the bubbly any day thanks.

Did you go to your university graduation? 

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