Little Things Lately #13

We visited an adorable little cake shop. Hidden away in a corner in Manchester, myself and my best friend stumbled upon the cutest cake shop. Not only was the decor utterly adorable, but there was a wide array of delicious looking cakes and home made ice cream.

I tried their mint chocolate chip ice cream. All though it wasn't the warmest of days, hangover me always craves ice cream and this definitely hit the spot.
Because I wasn't satisfied with just the ice cream, I took away a Oreo brownie cake too. This was the highlight for me! With a hidden Oreo in the middle, this was delicious! I will definitely be visiting the cake shop again to try their afternoon tea
I took part in the Manchester Colour Run! I'd like to say I ran it, but in reality we walked (quite slowly)  the whole way round and spent too long trying to get ourselves completely  covered in paint. I was terrified to begin with as I've never done a run like this before, I was completely out of my comfort zone, but I had such a fun time! 

Frankie has settled in amazingly! Maybe even too well, she's very mischievous, likes to chew everything (which isn't ideal in a rented flat) and she's certainty made herself comfortable. But, I wouldn't have her any other way! 

How has you week been? 

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