Bomb Cosmetics | Cotton Clouds Candle - A Perfect Summer Scent

There is nothing like a fresh home scent in the Summer to make you feel relaxed. Although candles are more associated with the Winter months and 'Christmassy' scents to make your house feel cosy (did I just say the C word in July?) I find that the right candle in the Summer can make your house feel fresh and relaxing. 

Being a candle hoarder and lover of homely, cotton fresh scents, I couldn't wait to try Cotton Clouds by Bomb Cosmetics from
Bomb Cosmetics cotton clouds candle
Bomb Cosmetics cotton clouds candle
I want to start by saying, I've never seen a candle that looks so utterly adorable. With what looks like a spiral of whipped cream with delicate small blue stars sitting proudly on top, it's a treat to the eyes. Let's be honest, we all want a candle that not only smells good but looks good too and this one was almost too cute to burn. Almost. Bomb Cosmetics cotton clouds candle
Handmade with love, this airy fragrance is a beautiful blend of pure clary sage and cedarwood essential oils. I know I've used the 'F' would quite a lot already in this post, but that's the main way I can describe this fragrance; fresh. 

It reminds me of freshly clean bedding or laundry, which has got to be one of my favourite scents. It's not overpowering, it's gentle and subtly fills the room with an airy and clean scent. I honestly can't get enough of this fragrance and it's been getting many compliments when guests have come round to visit. It's a scent you want for a relaxed summer day and all I can describe it as is an absolute dream. 

It has a very similar scent to Yankee Candle's Fluffy Towels, therefore if you want to purchase a cheaper alternative then Bomb Cosmetics Cotton Clouds candle is perfect. 
Bomb Cosmetics cotton clouds candle
With a 30 - 35 hours burn time, a gorgeous clean cotton scent and being only £7.99, this candle would make a perfect gift for someone special or even better, why not treat yourself to one!?

You can purchase Bomb Cosmetics Cotton Clouds from for £7.99

Have you purchased anything from Bomb Cosmetics before? What is your favourite candle scent? 

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