Little Things Lately #12

A new Lush opened in Manchester!  Manchester have always had a Lush in the Arndale shopping center, but it was tiny. It used to be quite stressful to find what you want and pay, as there was so many people crammed into a tiny space, especially at Christmas. Now a new shiny Lush has opened at it's ten times better! I can't wait to have a full nosey around.

Salted caramel and chocolate ice-cream in the sunshine. The weather has been gorgeous recently and I've been loving it. I've been having ice cream whenever I've had the chance, this one has been my favourite.

There's a long story about this gorgeous cat. She's not technically ours, but she doesn't technically belong to anyone else either. We've seen her on our street for years, but only in the last year we've found out she doesn't have an owner. Our neighbor has been looking after her mostly, but she stays with us whilst he's away and comes in for a cheeky snack every day. She's a really lovable and friendly cat and I'm glad she's found a nice home eventually.
We have a new family member! So after a weekend away visiting my family in Nottingham, I came home to the best surprise! My fiance headed to Pet's At Home and came home with a rabbit from their adoption center. Originally named Cornelius (yeah, I don't know either?!) we renamed her Frankie. She's 9 months old, has been settling in really well and she is totally adorable. 

How has your week been? 

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