Little Things Lately #11

I've been loving the warm weather! I can't believe how nice and sunny it's been recently, we've definitely been trying to make the most of it. The Makers Market was in Northern Quarter the other week, so we couldn't help but have another browse round. We came back with lots of unhealthy treats and we also stumbled upon the cutest plant and flower van.
I visited my best friend in Leeds. After my friend moved to Leeds a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't wait to go and visit him. I've never been to Leeds before, so it was lovely to explore and eat yummy food. We went for tapas one night and it was gorgeous!

I went to see Jungle Book. Oh my god, it was amazing! The animation was insane and I'm so glad it kept some of the songs in. I forgot how good it was, it reminded me of my childhood!  
I found the cutest shop. Full of delicious looking bath bombs and soap, this shop is cute overload. The look good enough to eat, but don't do that obviously... Everything smelled divine and I'll definitely be visiting again soon to stock up on bath bombs!
I picked up a new Yankee Candle.  This candle has become one of my favourite already! It has a divine scents and smells just like fresh bedding - who doesn't like the smell of freshly washed bedding?! It's a fresh, Spring scent and it has been lit constantly in my flat.

What is your favourite Yankee Candle? 

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