TRAVEL | A Little Holiday To Tenby

As I mentioned in a recent post (here) last week I hopped on a train to South Wales for a little break with my family. The train took around 6 and a half hours which was fine for me. I don't know about you but I really like travelling long distances, I just put some music on and get stuck in to a new book. I don't have chance to read all that often, therefore I love when I have the opportunity to settle down with a new thriller. 

6 hours later and I arrived at my destination to meet the rest of my family who were already at the little cottage we were staying at. This is the view that I first saw when I walked in to the cottage - a gorgeous and relaxing seaside view.

Tenby is full of pastel coloured houses all in a row. It makes the town look gorgeous and I only wish that all houses looked like this. 
The beach here was gorgeous! We actually got really lucky with the weather and on the second day we went on a two mile walk around the area. Our final stretch of the walk was along the beach. 

We dipped our feet in the sea, but quickly retreated when we realised how cold it was! 
On third day, the wind had picked up and we decided to head over to Tenby castle. Now, I've never been in a castle before, so I was pretty excited about this adventure.
The rest of the afternoon consisted of walking around the town, visiting various landmarks and spending hours and hours in the arcade (oops). And maybe a cheeky ice-cream in between. 
Overall, I had a lovely short break. Tenby is a gorgeous seaside town with lots going for it. It has various unique and independent shops, many restaurants, museums and even a castle! 

Are you going away this year? 

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