BEAUTY | Beauty Bridge Anti-Ageing Protective Day Cream Review

If there's one beauty item that I use every day without fail, it's a day cream. Even on the days I leave the house without any makeup on, I won't leave the house without moisturising day cream. Therefore it is so important for me to find something that suits my skin, leaves it feeling hydrated and has various other benefits. Introducing Beauty Bridge Anti-Ageing Protective Day Cream... 
So let's talk about Beauty Bridge Cosmetics for just one moment. Beauty Bridge was created by Kate who has been in the beauty industry for over 10 years. Beauty Bridge Cosmetics is aimed at women who are looking to cater for their skin's ever changing needs and have many products available to try and achieve this, from anti-ageing illuminating eye cream to anti-ageing protective day cream. 
On to the packaging. With the luxurious white and silver theme, the packaging is really quite appealing to the eye. This product has an interesting pump to get the product out that I actually haven't seen before on a product. I actually really like this feature, as the pump gives me just the right amount of product needed for my face, so nothing goes to waste.

Like I've mentioned, this product is of full of benefits. For one, The Beauty Bridge Protective Day Cream is anti-ageing. This is due to the Hyaluronic Acid, an anti-ageing nutrient that eliminates skin imperfections and wrinkles and Saccharide Isomerate, a plant derived ingredient which helps prevent fine lines and overall, brightens the look of your skin. And finally, the Vitamin E element claims to reverse age-related skin damage. Unfortunately, I can't say as of yet if the anti-ageing element has worked on my skin as I currently have very few wrinkles, but there is still several other positives I have found so far.

The Beauty Bridge Anti-Aging Protective Day Cream has SPF 15 and will guard you against the damaging effects of UV rays. SPF is a must have for me. Even on the cloudier days, the sun can be damaging to our skin, therefore it's so important to have a daily moisturiser that is protecting our skin. 

Although there is no noticeable scent to this product, it's really nice to use. The cream goes on smoothly and quickly absorbs into my skin. I apply it on my face and neck in the morning and it leaves my skin feel hydrated all day. It has also done wonders for my dry skin. In the colder months, my skin will get really dry and since I've started using this I've noticed it's starting to get better and clearing up. Overall, my skin is feeling healthy and smooth and I am looking forward to see how else it can benefit my skin!

You can buy Beauty Bridge's Anti-Ageing Protective Day Cream HERE for $37.00.

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