LIFESTYLE | Blogger's Block and Ways To Get Through It

 We've all been there. There's been a time that you may have fallen out of love wit your blog a little bit and struggled finding inspiration for your posts. Normally, this has a knock on effect for me and I find myself on social media less and less alongside my blog. For most people, having bloggers block is inevitable at some point. I've been blogging for almost 3 years now and there has been times where I haven't blogged for weeks and I've published a post just to publish a post.

So how do you get out of this slump? As much as I'd like to say these things below automatically worked for me, it definitely took me a little time to get back into the swing of things. But, I did find these things helpful to get me on my way... 

1. Read, read, read. 
Read magazines, others blogs or books. I found reading helped me in two ways; firstly, it help take the pressure of myself a bit and posting. I was enjoying concentrating on something else that it took my mind off things. I was reading blogs way before I started writing my own and most evenings I still find myself reading other people's than getting things done on my own (oops!). 

Secondly; reading gives you inspiration. Obviously I'm not saying copy another blogger's idea without permission, but sometimes reading other blog posts gives you ideas for you own. Magazines, also can have the same effect. 

2. Take a break
I think this was one of my mistakes when I first started blogging, I would never take a break. Even the days, where I had no energy to blog, deadlines to meet and no inspiration - I would get something out. Looking back, these weren't my best posts, were sometimes rushed and had many spelling and grammar mistakes. Now, I realise that taking that break is probably the best thing to do if I have a blogger's block. It gives me time to think about my blog, what kind of posts I want to produce and what kind of blogger I want to be. I make lists of topics as I think of them and I don't get frustrated sitting at my laptop when I don't know what to write about. I find that taking a break, I come back with more inspiration than ever. 

3. Remember Why You Started
When people say that numbers aren't important to them, I don't always believe them. It's not everything when it comes to blogging, but it is important to me. I want to keep improving and growing and numbers help me see my progression. When I started I never focused on this, I started to blog and I enjoyed it, so I carried on. Obviously, still to this day I love it, otherwise I wouldn't be doing it, but when I see my stats go down, I take notice. When I start to get bloggers block and think about the numbers too much, I try to think about when I started and even look back at my first few posts (that literally no one read). It's strange looking back at them and seeing how far you've come but it's also a nice reminder of why you started and provides inspiration.

4. Write About What You Want 
You want people to enjoy your blog, there's nothing else to it, but there has been occasions in the past I made myself a blogger I wasn't to fit in with everyone else. I love fashion and clothes, but I'm not a fashion blogger. I get awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera, but for some reason I forced outfit posts out. It wasn't me. I just really wanted to be a lifestyle, beauty AND fashion blogger. Now I realise I don't have to be them all and finally feel like I've found my feet. Writing topics I enjoy writing about has made me more motivated to get them out. It really helped me to figure out the blogger I wanted to be. 

5. Twitter chats 
There's multple twitter chats every night of the week and many of them have really intersting topics. There's something for everyone, beauty bloggers, fitness bloggers, fashion bloggers etc. I always find that after being in one of these chats, I feel really inspired and motivated to get my blog the best it can be.

What are your tips to get through blogger's block?