Things To Know Before You Move In Together

Say goodbye to watching what you want on TV Actually forget about TV all together - you get to watch them play on the xbox from now on. You lucky thing. 

Say goodbye to lie ins

It's 8am on a Saturday, they're awake, you're not. You then pretend you're asleep for the next half an hour whilst they constantly move around and watch videos on snapchat, loudly.You will be tired.

Say goodbye to egg on toast for tea
Gone are the days when you can come home from work and cook the quickest/unhealthiest things possible, it's time for planning, lots of ingredients and vegetables (boo). 

Say hello to sharing food
Wanted to eat that box of chocolate fingers to yourself? Think again. There's two of you now, so everything is 50/50. Putting some chips in for a late night snack? Sorry, you have to share. 

Say goodbye to cushions
Have you nicely arranged your many cushions on the sofa? Don't bother, it won't impress them. Throw them on the floor, that's the first thing they'll do when they see them, then moan about them not being able to sit down due to cushions. Cushions cause chaos.

Say hello to takeaways
Ordering a takeaway is a team sport - it's so important to get the support of your team mates. In this case, your partner. It's Friday night, one pipes up about takeaway and the other agrees, you will definitely be feeling less guilty with two of you eating and you will defiantly be taking more pizza boxes to the bins in the morning 

food, Joey, and love image

Say goodbye to having a bed to yourself
A pretty obvious one, but on a whole other level. Yes, you will get less space on the bed, but you get a less quality sleep in general. The quilt goes, they make noises, they kick you and you won't get used to it soon. 

They are mostly are about food and sleeping - the two most important things in life. But in all honestly, moving in together is one of the most wonderful and fun things you can do, 

Do you agree with any of these?