LIFESTYLE | Best Blogging Apps

We now live in society where people are glued to their phone and I can't deny that I'm not one of them. Technology develops and there is a regular stream of new apps and ones that I open on a daily basis, on my lunch break, whilst I'm eating my breakfast and on my way to work. Blogging is definitely something I do on my phone a lot of the time due to working full time and being out of the house most of the day. There's so many apps that I use daily that helps blogging go that little bit smoother... 

Let's face it - the Blogger app is not all that great and I find myself staying clear from it most of the time. I actually write most of my posts on Evernote and your account links to different devices that you've also got the Evernote app on. If I started a post on my laptop on Evernote, I'll just go on the app when I've got time to spare on the bus and I can finish writing it. I think this app is a really handy tool when it comes to blogging. I have multiple 'notebooks' for different categories e.g. beauty notebook, lifestyle notebook etc and I also have a notebook for jotting down new ideas I've had whilst out and about. If there's one app I recommend you get, it's this one. 

Twitter is one of the most useful tools when it comes to blogging, it's a powerful platform. This app is for engaging with bloggers and getting involved in the community. Everyone has heard of Twitter I'm not going to go into much detail, but Twitter has helped my traffic more than any other site and it's a great way to get involved in twitter chats and follow your favourite bloggers. I much prefer using Twitter on my phone, I find it a cleaner and quicker.

These are two apps I use along side Twitter. Crowdfire is a tool I used to quickly unfollow inactive accounts, you can also see who has recently followed you or unfollowed you. Buffer is fantastic for scheduling tweets, I use this all the time and it takes no time at all to schedule tweets for the future.  I mostly use it  to schedule new blog posts, but I'm trying to get in to the habit of scheduling older blog posts to bring more traffic to my blog.

I can spend hours of procrastination on this little app, but I also find it to be a really helpful blogging tool. Searching 'blogging' in the search bar brings up hundreds of posts with lots of helpful hints and tips that I may not have found otherwise. I love reading the posts regarding how to improve photography, how to increase traffic and little tips to improve my blogs layout. You can obviously search more specific blogging tips and I'm sure you will find some great guides. I would say this is one of the best blogging apps as I am constantly learning and wanting to improve when it comes to blogging and having a little scroll and read through the app is really helpful. 

Instagram is another app that is really great for bloggers. There's a huge community of bloggers on there which you can find through different hashtags e.g. #bbloggers. I find this app great for inspiration, beauty recommendations and giving you style envy. It is definitely an app I know I need to use more. 

This one is pretty standard really. Bloglovin is the best way to follow your favourite blogs and the app is simplistic and easy to use to do this. I use this app mainly to look on the popular page whilst I'm out and about. The only thing I don't like about this app is the fact you are unable to comment on blog posts with it. It does become a bit of a pain, so I do do most of my bloglovin post reading on my laptop - but this is a great app nonetheless. 

What is your favourite blogging app?