Born Pretty | Make Up Corrector Pen

Let's be honest, we've all been there. There's been a moment in our lives where on one eye we've got the most perfect eye liner flick ever and we're just about to recreate it on the second eye. But, no it's a disaster - it's wonky, it's smudge, it's all over the place. I hate taking off my eye make up and starting all over again, especially if I've got somewhere to go. When I was browsing the Born Pretty website I saw something that could answer mine and all your prayers, the Makeup Corrector Pen... Could this pen fix all our problems? 

So here it is - the miracle worker. It feels like a wax based pen and claims to correct your make up any time and anywhere. Lipstick, eyeliner, foundation, it's got you covered. Here's the next question for you, does it actually work? To a certain extent, yes! I've tried it with my winged eyeliner a couple of times and I have been able to correct my mistakes quite easily. I'm not sure how it works with other products, but so far I have been impressed. 
Here's a before and after photo for you and as you can see, it does actually work! With the eye liner for example, I feel it works better when the product has just been put on and hasn't had time to set, especially when it comes to liquid eye liner. The pencil liner also was  easier to correct then the liquid. Sure, I could have neatened the last photo up but I wanted to show directly after the use of the pen. It is a little bit smudgy and it does leave a waxy finish, but this is easy to clean and tidy up. It's can look like you've never even made a mistake in the first place. 

You can buy this product from Born Pretty for $4.80 HERE.  You can also use my code SAMMYH10  to get 10% off. 

Have you tried anything like this before?

*This item was kindly send to me for review,
but all views are honest and my own