Luxury Workout Style | Farfetch

It's coming to the end of January and it is almost a month since you made your New Year Resolutions. One of mine, and I'm sure a popular one amongst the general population was to maintain a healthier lifestyle and exercise more frequently. Now, I don't know how yours is going but I was finding it difficult to get into exercising on a regular basis, because lets face it, it's January, I've eaten a lot of chocolate and I wasn't looking forward to returning to work and starting to exercise again all in the same week. One thing that has made me motivated more than anything else to start exercising and has given me a kick start is buying stylish yet comfortable workout clothing....

Farfetch have a gorgeous range of gym clothes to get you motivated to start your New Years resolutions. With various brands and styles there's something for everyone on their website. Here's some of my picks... 

1. Colour Block Sports Bra 
2. Cropped Zipped Hoodie 
3. Rock Crystal Printed Leggings
4. Allie Sneakers 
5. Classic Back Pack

What is your favourite item from this outfit? 

*competition entry