What I Got For Christmas 2015

I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and will have a great New Year to follow. I've been in heaven recently, with two weeks off work I've just been relaxing catching up with family and friends and just been enjoying the festive season. Although, all good things must come to an end. In my 2 years of blogging I've never done a 'what I got for Christmas' post, I absolutely love reading them but I have never taken the time to do one myself. I know that some people don't enjoying reading them and that's okay, you don't have to, Anyway, here we go...


As I've talked about quite a bit recently, in December I moved house again. I moved cities in to a little city centre flat and I've still got a long way to go yet to make it homely. But my family and friends came along to help with that and I am very grateful. I love candles and smellies so I was very happy to receive these as well as some bits to put up around the flat as it's still pretty bare. 


Is it really Christmas if you don't get open up some chocolate on Christmas day? I received lots of chocolate this year, some can't be pictured unfortunately it was gone days ago, oops. I was so excited to see the Mug Brownie Mix as I am a terrible terrible baker. I thought I could manage this as all you do is add milk and butter, but I was wrong! It was a bit of a disaster. 

When my mum asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year I asked for a blender. With the idea that I wanted to start making my own soup and smoothies in the new year rather than buying them all the time. I'll let you know how it goes. The camera however, was a huge shock. My boyfriend bought me this as surprise after saying we were only going to get each other a few wrap ups this year. I am so grateful and I have been clicking away every since. 


There was only one beauty item on my list this year and it was a MAC lipstick. I don't own any MAC lipsticks which is strange to me considering how obsessed I am with lipstick. I will be doing a review in the new year. The rest of the beauty bits was from my boyfriends family - I can't wait to try the brushes. 

This year I received books about my two favourite ladies - Beyonce and Khloe Kardashian. Khloe's book is all about her fitness journey and I am hoping it will give me a kick start with my fitness in the New Year. I huge fan of thrillers and I can't wait to get stuck into these two books. 

So there we go. It goes without saying that this isn't a bragging 'look at me' post. I genuinely enjoying reading these kind of posts so I hope that you will enjoy reading this too. If you've done a similar post please link it below! 

I hope everyone enjoys New Years Eve!