Pop Up Crazy Golf

A few weeks ago I heard about a fantastic little pop up event that was happening - crazy golf. I love crazy golf and I really liked the concept behind this one; crazy golf, music, alcohol and food. A unique way to spend an evening. Last week, when I had a few days off work it was time to pop down...

We ended up going down early afternoon on a weekday and we were the only people there. We missed out on the atmosphere being the only people there, but it did mean that we could take as much time as we liked on each of the holes. I took a cocktail round with me and happily played some crazy golf, drank my cocktail and listened to some music. 

The concept behind Junk Yard Golf is in it's name really - it's bits and bobs you would find in a junk shop or charity shop that they've used to make a crazy golf course. There's 9 quirky holes in total, which includes standing on a pool table, hitting your ball onto an ironing ball and pool full of barbies. I think this pop event has actually finished now, but I know that the company that runs this do other events in Manchester. If something like this pops up again, I definitely recommend you go for a different and fun evening out. 

Apologies that the photo's aren't that great, it was a little dark for my iPhone camera!