Klevercase | Jungle Book iPad Case

Let's just talk about Klevercase for just one minute. Everyone loves to put their gadgets in nice looking but protective cases. I know I do. It leads me to browsing the internet for hours at a time on the look out for a new and perfect case for either my iPad or iPhone. I admit, I normally go for quantity over quality and like to purchase many different cases - eBay is my best friend for this, but you don't always get the quality. When I won this in a cheeky little twitter competition I learned the errors of my ways..

The story behind the brand Klevercase is lovely and you can read it here, but it was essentially born out of the desire to keep old books alive. When I had the chance to pick one, I opted for Jungle Book for my iPad. I absolutely adore this case, it's handmade and I think it's such a great idea. They have lots of different cases available too, so you might find your favourite book on there. This Jungle Book design is lovely and it is really good quality. Best of all, it looks great and keeps your iPad protected.

This is just one type of case that Klevercase sells - there's many more on their website (here). With Christmas coming up I think this is such a quality little gift that you could give to a book lover you know. 

What do you think of this case?