Christmas Gift Guide | Under £10

It's official - I've almost finished my Christmas shopping. I've only got a couple more bits and bobs to get and then I've pretty much finished. This isn't me, this has never been me. It's always been last minute, rushing around and panicking. This year I decided to get organised and get all the main presents, with just a few stocking fillers to go. Here's some perfect stocking fillers for ladies.. 

1. Joules Notebooks £4.99. 
These Joules Notebooks are gorgeous - I absolutely love the prints. There's three in this set in total for only £4.99. So if you've got a blogger in your life, this might be a good gift for them..  

2. Polar Bear Mug £5.00
There's nothing better in Winter than cosying up with a hot chocolate, what better way to drink it then in this polar bear mug. This item is only a fiver and it is a really nice stocking filler.

3. Sequin Cosmetic Bag £7.99
When I think of Christmas fashion I think of glitter and sequins, therefore this cosmetic bag fits right in. It's glitzy, fun and a nice size to fit in your everyday make-up. I really love this bag and I personally would be really happy to receive it.

4. Urban Decay Beauty Balm £7.95
This Urban Decay Beauty Naked Skin beauty balm is travel size, which I think is perfect for a stocking filler. It allows someone to try a more pricey item without splashing out.

5. Beauticology | Five Piece Winter Bath Set & Case £9.99
Who doesn't love receiving beauty bits for Christmas? Especially from brands you haven't really used before. This set is great, it offer five items plus a case that comes with it, that's not bad for £9.99.

6. Eylure Eyelashes £4.99
Personally, I really like dramatic lashes, and there's no time better for dramatic lashes than New Years Eve. Therefore, these would be a perfect little present for Christmas.

7. Skinny Dip | White Embellished iPhone Case - £8.00
This might be my favourite item on the Gift Guide (I might even send the link to my other half...) I just love the embellishment on it, it's really unusual to normal phone cases. I also think phone cases are a really safe bet when it comes presents, everyone needs them and everyone loves them.

Anything you might pick up on this gift guide?