Little Things Lately | #9

I ate some of the best fish and chips I've ever had. A fish and chip restaurant opened in my town not too long ago and it's taken me a while to find the time to go. When my gran and I went on a little shopping trip last week, we had a sneaky lunch time Gin and Tonic and a huge plate of fish and chips. Like I said in my opening, I think it was the best fish and chips I've ever had and I couldn't recommend it enough. 
I visited this diner and had the most wonderful milkshake. This diner recently opened in Manchester. It's all decked out with checked floors, red booths and Grease playing in the background. It's such a fun place with a great atmosphere. We went one morning for breakfast, I had a veggie breakfast and this beauty... It's called the Million Dollar Shake, it has a chocolate and Nutella base with waffles, sweets and sprinkles on top! 
I ate lots of Reese's Pieces goodies.. I didn't realise this would be such a foodie post today! I love Reese's Pieces, although we have a few of their treats over in England, my boyfriend recently decided to stock me up for my birthday. These didn't last long...