Ten Blog Posts I Never Get Bored of Reading

Everyone has got them blog posts that they find themselves drawn to, that they never get bored of reading and become a favourite when scrolling through blog posts to read. So here are some of my favourites....
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1. Travel Posts
There's something about travel posts that I just love reading. The beautiful pictures and explaining places to do and see has given me a long list of places I want to visit. If I am ever travelling anywhere I like to read as many blog posts as I can or watch vlogs about it so I have a clear idea of best things to do and see. 

2. Wish Lists
80% of things I buy, I've probably seen on a wish list somewhere. Sometimes when I'm online shopping I prefer to find items I love on wish lists and go from there rather the looking through many different websites and different sections. It can be wish lists about anything, fashion, beauty, stationary or homeware, I love them. 

3. Hauls
Along the same lines as wish lists, hauls give me a long list of things that I want to get for myself. 

4. Blog Help
By this I don't mean 'hints and tips' kind of post, I mean posts that explain things or get into things that aren't openly talked about in the blogging world, but everyone wants to know about. For example, posts about sponsored posts, PR, how to improve statistics, how to approach brands etc. These posts are ridiculously helpful for bloggers, especially ones like me who are not very experienced in these areas.

5. Netflix
I'm just another blogger who is obsessed with Netflix and I love nothing more than getting recommendations for shows, films and documentaries that I can add to my watch list. 

6. Personal Posts
I'm a blogger that only shows a certain amount, I talk about personal stuff but not a lot, it's very rare. I'm quite personal in that sense, however I do enjoy reading personal posts or an opinion post. They really stand out in a sea of new beauty reviews, it's refreshing and I enjoy getting to know the blogger a little better, as well as being able to relate to them on a certain level. 

7. Room/Home Tour
I never used to be too bothered about this kind of post, but since I moved out I have gotten pretty obsessed with interiors. I'm trying to make my room look as pretty as possible (I live in a house share so there's not much I can do about the rest of the house) and I love seeing how other people design their spaces for a bit of inspiration. 

8. Nostalgia Posts 
I love reading posts that bring back memories of when I was younger, whether it be about growing up in the 90's or old beauty products, there's a lot of joy in reading them and thinking 'I remember that!' or 'that was me!'. It's a different kind of post to read and it's always fun. 

9. Facts About Me
I really enjoy these kind of posts. It's always nice to get to know the blogger behind the blog a bit more, especially if it's one you read on a regular basis. When you read posts like this you realise that there's actually a person behind the blog and not a robot just churning out posts.

10. Instagram Updates
Not only are these posts a nice read and once again you are getting to know the blogger a bit more, but it helps me find some lovely instagrams that I might not have found otherwise. 

What type of blog posts do you never get bored of reading?

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