L'OREAL Beauty Haul

I missed my bus on the way home from work one day and with ten minutes to wait I popped into the Boots directly next to my bus stop (it gets me every time!) I found myself drawn to the L'OREAL counter and all the new beauty products that they had out recently. So lets see what I picked up...
So where do we start.. This caught my eye immediately and kept my attention, it's the Color Riche La Palette in nude beige. We've all heard of the Naked palettes and as pretty as they look, I'm apprehensive about spending that much on some eye shadow, so when I saw this palette I thought it would be perfect.. There's two palettes, the one I picked up - Nude Beige or Nude Rose. Nude Rose has more pinky tones, so I thought I'd play it a bit safer with what I know. It has 10 beautiful shades from rich browns and mattes to nude shimmery shades, there's everything you need to create the look you want. I've fallen in love with this palette from the get go and I can't wait to experiment a bit more and create some different and more daring looks. 
L'oreal Color Riche La Palette Nude beige
I've seen this mascara being advertised all over recently and I wasn't particularity interested in picking this up (I have enough mascaras!) but, it was 3 for 2 on all L'OREAL products so I thought, let's try it out! It's the Volume Million Lashes Feline Mascara and honestly (I know I say this a lot) but I was really impressed. I found this more a lengthening mascara than a volumising one though, so I'm not sure why it advertises itself as volume. When I wear this and my Lancome mascara it looks like I was wearing false eyelashes, they are such a great combination. 
Volume Million Lashes Feline Mascara
Finally, what I think might be my favourite purchase of them all is the Super Liner Superstar. I was looking for a new eye liner as Benefits Push Up Eye liner was not doing anything for me, I found it was difficult to get the perfect flick and a lot of the product was getting wasted (plus the fact it's almost impossible to get off!) So introducing my hero, I could not be any happier with this purchase. The felt tip is the perfect size and shape to get the cat flick that I desire, but  it also allows me to build it up for a more daring look too! Not only that, but it doesn't wear off in the day either.
l'oreal Super Liner Superstar

Do you own any of these products?