Birthday Spa Weekend

So, if anyone follows me on twitter you might have seen it was my 23rd Birthday a few weekends ago. Now, I don't normally celebrate my birthdays too much as we normally just go out for a nice meal, however this time my mum and I decided to go on a little spa break...
We visited the Grantham Urban Hotel after finding a great deal on Groupon. We booked in for two treatments each, there were lots to choose from but my mum and I ended up picking the same two. We opted for a neck, shoulders and back massage and a manicure. The massage was first and as I have never had a back massage before I thought that it might be a bit awkward?! However, they put on some nice relaxing music, she got started and it was honestly so relaxing. Next up was the manicure, and once again I have never had a manicure before, but my nails look so much happier for it. 

By the time our treatment was over, it was early evening and it was time to go to the spa. At the time we went, there was no one else around the spa area which was perfect. The spa wasn't the biggest, however it did have all the facilities that you would want. There was a jacuzzi, a pool, sauna and steam room. My skin felt amazing afterwards. 
With the Groupon deal, we were able to get a three course evening meal and breakfast. The photo's didn't quite turn out how I would have liked, but you can get the idea. For a starter I had a halloumi salad, for the main I had a mushroom risotto (which was delicious) and for pudding I had a rocky road brownie with toffee ice cream. The pudding was lovely, but I was way too full to even think about finishing it. 

I had such an amazing spa weekend. I have never been to a spa before or had treatments and it was such a fabulous, relaxing experience and I can't wait to go back again.