Rimmel's Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Nude Collection Lipstick | #48

I am a huge fan of Rimmel's Kate Moss lipsticks. It's the first lipstick I really fell in love with and felt the need to own every colour by that brand. When I saw that Kate Moss was releasing a nude collection I was so excited to see what they had to offer...
kate moss nude collection #48
From the Rimmel's Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss, I opted for shade 48. To be completly honest, when I was in Boots it wasn't my first choice, however there was hardly anything left on the shelves as every shade was sold out except this one! I really wanted to bring home something to try out so ended up picking number 48 and taking it to the tills.
kate moss nude collection #48
As I mentioned, the lasting finish lipsticks by Kate Moss are my favourites, so I knew that this formula would not disappoint. They have a semi-matte finish and they are really hydrating on the lips. Due to this, they glide on to the lips and have a beautiful light and creamy texture. Not only this, but I find it last for 4+ hours once applied which is amazing for a high street lipstick. 

There are five lipstick colours to choose from and have something available for every skin tone. Like I mentioned, I picked up shade 48 which claims to be for any skin tone. It's the darkest shade available and is a dark brown nude colour. In Boots, I really wasn't sure about this shade but it's really grown on me! I've been wearing constantly for all occasions as it's such an easy colour to wear.

Overall, another success for Rimmel and Kate and I can't wait to pick up some more shades (and maybe even some nail varnishes) once they are back in stock!
Have you tried anything from this range yet?