Beauty Trends I Used to Love

So let's look back for a moment. Think about when you first started to wear makeup, when you where younger and started experimenting with beauty trends and when you copied your favourite celebrities look.. What were you wearing? What was your go to look? Sure, what you wore then may not be popular now, but what did you love? 

When I look back there was so many beauty things I used to love and although they may not be in now, I defiantly do not regret them (I got a post out of it didn't i?!) Here's some of my favourites...
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Hair Mascara
I used to love this stuff! Does anyone remember the Sabrina Secrets magazine? I used to collect every issue religiously just for the free makeup and makeup case. I'm sure one of those things was hair mascara?! Wherever I got it from, I wore it all the time. Hair Mascara is basically a coloured mascara that you put in you're hair (great  explanation) and it allowed you to put streaks in the hair without any permanent damage. Getting ready for a friends party or disco, the hair mascara came out and I rocked up with pink streaks in my hair! One thing I remember about it was that it felt horrible! All my hair stuck together and it went all dry, I definitely don't miss trying to wash it out. 

Concealer lips.
Please tell me I'm not the only one who used to do this! So basically, rather than lipstick I would use concealer as lipstick. I just had a quick Google and see that people still do this now, which I didn't realise. It basically took all the pinkness out your lips and it looks like a nude lipstick. 

Hair Braids
Hair braids were huge when I was in primary school. You always knew who'd been on their holidays abroad when you saw someone with a coloured hair braid in their hair. I used to get one of these every year that I went away and as I went away in the beginning of August I hoped and prayed that it would stay in long enough so I could show it off at school.

Glitter Body Spray
This was another product I was obsessed with. Once again, every disco or friends party, the glitter body spray came out and the party had really started! The stuff used to get everywhere, but I loved seeing the glitter in my skin when my mum had sprayed it on for me!

What beauty trends did you used to love?