So I tried to squeeze one last little holiday in before Summer well and truly vanished from our lives. Although I went in the beginning of August, when we thought the weather would be really nice and warm, it was a little chilly. However, it was an enjoyable break nonetheless! Here are a few pictures from the holiday, as well as that I also wrote a food diary post (here) 
So we travelled down to a small fishing village called Polperro which was where the holiday cottage we were staying at was. It's a pretty little village, but with still plenty to do and that's why on the warmer days of the year, people to flock to it. It has plenty of cute little shops, pubs and places to enjoy a sweet treat and not only that, but  a small, nice beach and long walks along the cliffs. 

Now onto my favourite part of the break. We visited the town of Looe for the day, my brother and I spent the morning at the arcades and trying our luck on the cranes (we're 22 and 25..). Long story short, we didn't win anything, but had fun trying. 

In the afternoon, we went on a glass bottom boat. The captain let us know when we got on the boat that due to a storm the night before, the water was not very clear therefore we would not be able to see a lot. It didn't really bother us as to be honest, it was just nice to have a little boat trip around the harbour. 

We were gently cruising along enjoying the scenery and suddenly the gently little boat ride jetted off like a speed boat further away from the harbour. We were quite confused to what was happening and my mum was panicking a bit because she isn't a huge fan of water, when the captain let us know that a dolphin had been spotted and we were making our way over to it. 

To keep it brief, I SAW A DOLPHIN. I honestly was so excited. I kept missing it with my camera and the photo below is the best one I got, but nevertheless. It was amazing. 

Then the next thing I know, a seal popped up near the boat. I feel like this photo is slightly better. It kept coming closer and closer then, just like that, it was gone again. 

After that little bit of excitement, the rest of the day was spent exploring the shops a bit more and having some fish and chips for tea. 
 I had a lovely time and I'm sad to see the back of summer.

Have you been anywhere this Summer?