things that made me happy this week #1


1. I picked up a couple of new candles this week, one of them being a Yankee Candle called Orange Splash. It smells divine and is so summer-y. 

2. I had a job interview for a new job. It's something I really want and I think it went quite well so fingers crossed I get it. 

3.  A lady at work wrote a poem about me. It's a really lovely poem and such a surprise. It made me have a smile on my face all day. 

4. I stuffed my face with cheesy chips and pizza. I can't remember the last time I had a takeaway and one hungover day I decided to go all out. 

5. I finally had time to relax. Today is just going to be about watching old episodes of America's Next Top Model, catching up on some blogs and writing up some posts. 

6. I discovered Parks and Recreation and have been laughing out loud constantly. 

7. I have a date...

8. I did a little bit of shopping and purchased some lovely new clothes and lots of beauty bits. 

What has made you happy this week?