beauty haul

So here's the story. I popped into boots for one thing; fake tan and the next thing I know I'm chatting to the lady on the Lancome counter and she's recommending me lots of products, then I'm thinking I'll pick up a few bits and pieces for my holiday and now we're here. I'd like to have an excuse, but the simple fact is that I got carried away so here's what I picked up.. 
Garnier Ambre Solaire No Streak Self Tan
So I wanted to get some self tan after I went on my holiday and came back possibly more pale then I did when I went. I'm a pale girl and I don't find the need to tan myself, but I do like a little colour on my legs in the Summer. I wanted a spray tan as I really didn't trust myself with anything else so this is what I picked up. I've been really enjoying it so far and my legs have a nice, subtle tan although I don't think I've got the hang of the 'no streaks' bit yet. 

Colab A Model Recommends Dry Shampoo
After my Batiste Dry Shampoo ran out, I decided try this one instead. I've read lots of reviews about this and they were all very positive. I'm enjoying using this so far and it smells lovely. 

Batiste Smooth Frizz Tamer
I picked this up on a whim due to how frizzy my hair was getting in the hot weather, however I really don't think it makes any difference what so ever. I've not been impressed wit this product at all, but I'll keep trying with it and see if I get some results. 

Make Up Revolution Golden Lights Highlighter
I had such high hopes for this after reading so many amazing reviews about the highlighters! As I mentioned I've really gotten into contouring and I wanted a powder highlighter, so I decided to pick this up. It's nothing against the products itself, but the colour really doesn't suit my skin! I'm not against trying other colours in the future, but I'll just stick with my liquid highlighter for now.

Lancome Teint Miracle Corrector
This is one of products the lady at the counter persuaded me to buy and it's honestly an amazing product. It's one of my favourite purchases in a long time. I use it as a concealer and highlighter. 

Lancome Gift Set
So the last few bits came in a gift set. I originally went in to pick up a new mascara, I love the Lancome mascaras, they are always my first choice and never let me down. I picked up the Hypnose Drama as it's one of the only ones I've not tried. The mascara on it's own and the gift set with the mascara inside were the exact same price, so why wouldn't I pick up the gift set!? The perfume smells divine, I've been obsessed with the smell. The lipstick doesn't have a name, but it's a lovely purpley shade, I can't wait to give it a go. 

What have you picked up recently?