This year it was safe to say I was beach body ready... In terms that I put on my bikini and took my body to the beach. I was surprised at the warm weather we had on holiday and being the unorganised person I am (packing an hour before I was due to leave) I didn't take a bikini. My cousin and I did a spot of shopping one day and I managed to pick up this gorgeous bikini from New Look...

This is not a set and I was originally going to get a bikini top in the same pattern, colour and style as these bottoms, but I didn't think it looked quite right on me. The floral patterned looked a bit too much on me so I opted for a plain black bikini top instead. I love everything about these High Wasited Bikini Bottoms, but most off all I love the fact that they're high wasited and they make me feel a lot less self conscious about my stomach area. Although I'd like to say I'm confident with my body, the reality is I'm really not so anyway I can make my figure look slightly better or cover something up, I will. The bikini bottoms give me a nice hourglass figure and make me feel so much more comfortable! The cut outs are a lovely little touch to this bikini, although they will give me crazy tan lines! 

Like I mentioned, I simply went for a Black Bikini Top, although this one I think is slightly more interesting. It's thick, good quality material and definitely gives you good support. As you can see from the photo the bikini has an extra strap around the top of the bikini which looks really nice on. But once again, will give you an odd tan line! I feel like I can pair this bikini with almost anything which is why I bought it in the first place.
Where is your favourite place to buy swimwear?