Okay, let's talk about eyebrows. Cara Delevingnes's eyebrows have been plastered everywhere for the last few years and have been constantly printed in magazines shown as an example of 'perfect' eyebrows and high on trend. Since then, myself and I'm sure many other people have taken notice. I'm a girl that never really bothered with my brows. I plucked and shaped them slightly but have never felt the need to do much else with them. I now understand the importance. How they can transform your face just by filling them in and tidying them up. 
Maybelline Browdrama

As I am still in a newbie in the world of brows and although I am trying to pay more attention to them (although on some days I really cannot be bothered) I still wanted a product that was quick and easy to use to help transform my brows. This is when I picked up Maybellines Brow Drama Mascara. I picked up the medium brown shade, although in hindsight I think that the dark brown may have been more suited to me, however the medium brown still works fine. Let me say before I begin, that this product won't give you thick and defined brows if that is the look you are after, but rather give your brows a little colour as well as tidying them up. 

The brush makes it really easy to apply evenly and although it doesn't necessarily help in shaping them, the product does reach every single brow. It defines your brows, but giving them more a fuller and more natural look rather than a drawn on with a pencil look. What I love about this product is that I found that a little goes a long way. Not only that, the formula doesn't clump at all and lasts pretty much all day. Like I said before though, the Maybelline Brow Drama Mascara is more for giving your natural brows a bit more colour, I find this product perfect for work as it's so quick and easy to use, but for a night out or the weekend, I do like a bit more definition. In these instances I do need to use another product to get my desired look. 

Overall, I still think that this product is a bargain! It helps your brows look a little fuller, more sculptured as well as adding a little bit of colour. The only downside is that I do need to use another product on certain occasions for a more defined look, but this isn't an issue for me. 

Have you used this product before? What products do you use for your brows?